Actors in the political arena must play their own version of  'game of thrones' by taking advantage of the flaws of their opponents to score political points. The coming back of Ted Cruz can be guaranteed only when #Donald Trump fails to triumph. It's no more news that Trump has emerged as the Presidential nominee for the Republican party, as the United States gears up for the 2016 elections later this year. Ted Cruz apparently gave a good fight and it is not yet over. He will surely re-launch hoping that Trump will lose. He has employed a 'sit on the fence' approach, a strategy that could later hinder his future chances in the #Republican Party.

From his "vote your conscience" speech delivered at the last Republican convention, one could read through is a politically subtle mind that he believes Trump would lose.

Ted Cruz's second coming

He also believed that he could in the future leverage on the flaws of his opponent after his loss, thereby winning the minds of battered or disappointed Republicans.Trump's loss will also be an avenue for him to appeal to the group mind of the Republican party to accommodate some liberal components into their conservative political rhetoric, leading to a slight shift in ideology on some major issues. His return could also accompany the denouncing of presumptuous affirmations by anyone who intends to become the president of the United States through the Republican party platform - the need to learn from past mistakes.

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Another issue is whether Ted Cruz will be welcomed by the overwhelming Trump supporters by the year 2020, given the trend in terrorism and migration issues.

Appealing to voters the Trump way in the future could be costly especially in a multi-cultural society like America. If Trump eventually loses to Hillary Clinton later this year, immigration issues, increases in terror-related activities, as well as, gun control debate may usher in even more Trump-like rhetoric in the realm of Mussolini and Hitler. A man or woman capable of appealing to emotions and driven by a heart of vengeance, borne out of scapegoating and geared towards nationalistic yearnings and restoration can definitely win the heart of the GOP again and again, and Ted Cruz may not be the perfect fix.

No more Cruz?

If that be the case, sorry Ted. His coming back will definitely be met by a brick wall, as the consensus in the party will not favor soft tones and apologetics. They simply want someone who can fight and hit it hard not minding whose ox is gored. Ted Cruz is a Republican and I think he should know better. iI will be difficult after identifying with a group and having agreed to share a common purpose and destiny, you then become to deviate or try to play safe from the very values that have hitherto defined one's social identity. Donald Trump succeeded in the primaries because he appealed to the prevailing group mind and any other Republican candidate in future campaigns must understand this basis. #Election 2016