So many people have been trumpeting that Islam is a religion of peace. The US president Barak Mohammad Obama is in the forefront of such assertions. Is Islam a religion of peace? Their holy books and 1500 years of history do not justify such a statement which can be classified as a lie. There are many people including notable Muslim writers and intellectuals who disagree with this statement that Islam is a religion of peace. Taslima Nasreen, the well known Bangladesh writer has said that any claim that Islam spreads peace and love should be disregarded.

Taslima Nasreen and her views

Taslima Nasreen is a writer who faces a Fatwa for her death by Muslim clerics in Bangladesh.

Taslima had written a novel titled "Lajja" (Shame) which brought out the persecution of the Hindu minority. She in an interview with BBC had also called for the holy books of Islam to be revised as they were against women. Muslim clerics called for her death and she had to flee Bangladesh. She fled to India and then to Norway. A few years back she returned to India and now stays in New Delhi. Taslima is a Muslim, yet she is not daunted and voices her opinion freely. An analysis of the Dacca massacre clearly vouchsafes the statement of Taslima that Islam by no stretch of the imagination is a religion of peace.

Islam and violence

The Dacca attack was the brainchild of affluent Bangladeshi citizens. They were young, between the ages of 20-28 and posh in their behavior. Yet they resorted to brutality and savagery that is difficult to imagine.These terrorists singled out the foreigners and tortured them with machetes before slitting their throats.

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They spared local Bengali Muslims after they had recited Koranic prayers. One wonders why these Bengali Muslims sided with the terrorists and did not appeal to the killers to spare the foreigners. Instead of showing solidarity with their friends these Bengali Muslims just accepted the hospitality of the terrorists and slunk away. This shows a complete lack of empathy and solidarity with the foreigners who were in Bangladesh to help the nation's economy. #Terrorism #Crime