The most startling thing about the events of this past week is what was made clear by the statements of Micah Johnson, as he was talking to the police, before he was killed. Johnson stated that Black Lives Matter rhetoric affected his decision to kill police officers and then stressed that he was only targeting white police officers.

Irrational racism

Micah Johnson was clearly thinking and acting irrationally. He was protesting what does not exist: systemic racism is not at play in every city's police department nor is deep-seated racism a factor in every white person's life. Micah Johnson lost his life to these fantasies.

He was killed by irresponsible rhetoric before being blown-up by a police robot.

Where would he get such ideas? That's easy to answer. There are agitators in the black community that are there for purely selfish financial reasons, selling the idea of generalized white racism; and there are news organizations that play up that lie to make their news coverage more 'powerful'. An old motto in the newspaper business is: "if it bleeds, it leads;" they try to get everything to 'bleed.'

Bad Actors

There will always be bad actors, even in noble professions. Those who does not recognize the bravery and dedication of the vast majority of law-enforcement officers are being sold a 'bill of goods' by the agitators and the news media. Every day white officers and black officers in every city across the United States are risking their lives protecting citizens, without regard to the color of their skin.

Top Videos of the Day

Ask Shetamia Taylor  who threw her body over three of her sons last week to protect them from the deranged Micah Johnson's fusillade of bullets, and then discovered that the police had formed a human shield around her and her sons to protect them. She is blessing them today for doing their job of protecting and serving.

Sadly, even in a selfless profession like law enforcement, there will be some few police officers who carry the evil of irrational racism around with them; that will cause them to be aggressive; inappropriately aggressive and at rare moments, deadly.

So does that make ALL police officers reckless and racist? Of course not. The vast majority of law enforcement officers chose their profession because they wanted to make streets and homes safe for our families and theirs. They have dedicated their lives to that.

No systemic racism

On the opposite side of the issue, there are people like Micah Johnson who believed and would have loved to have you to believe his fantasy that the primary job of a white police officer is to kill black citizens.

If you are attacked, injured or even insulted by a person who is wearing a Dallas Cowboy's jacket it wouldn't be logical to lay the blame for your personal injury on everyone who is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. That wouldn't even occur to you because it's illogical. It is equally illogical to blame police officers in general for the #Crime of one police officer because someone, at some point in time, was intellectually lazy and thought up the term systemic racism to explain violence. If there is any systemic racism in America it would have to be in a very small, private organization. This is not 1950; Americans today would not stand for it. #Black Lives Matter