The Rundown: 

In Baton Rouge, LA: Alton Sterling's murder.

On July 5, 2016, Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old black man, was shot several times after being tackled to the ground by two white Baton Rouge Police Department officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The shooting was recorded by the store owner Abdullah Muflahi and other bystanders which clearly shows police brutality and shooting an innocent man at point-blank range. Abdullah Muflahi has since brought a lawsuit against Baton Rouge, Luoisiana, and its police department for illegally taking him into custody and confiscating his store security cameras without a warrant, reports CNN. 

The video of the fatal shooting. 

*Warning: Graphic content*

In Falcon Heights, MN: Philando Castile's murder.

A routine traffic stop at Falcon Heights, Minnesota turned into a fatal shooting when the police officer shot the driver Philadon Castile dead.

The officer has been named as Jeronimo Yanez. Castile was driving a car with his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, and her four-year-old daughter, when he was pulled over by Yanez and another officer, reports Star Tribune. Miss Reynolds' bravery and instincts allowed her to stream the incident live on Facebook as she sat right next to a dying man. It was widely shared and, as a result, the #News spread like wild fire. The live stream of the fatal shooting added even more fuel to the hatred-filled high racial tensions among the already-angry mob against the police brutality in the wake of Alton Sterling's, another black man, brutal murder by the white law enforcement officers.

The live-stream video of the fatal shooting:

*Warning: graphic content* 

The Aftermath

A protest was held in Dallas, TX in the wake of the Alton Sterling and Philando Castile murders.

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The peaceful protest took a violent turn when Micah Xavier Johnson, a sniper, killed five police officers and wounded many others. The killings of the five police officers escalated the high racial tensions and at another rally on 9 July in Baton Rouge, LA, the angry mob clashed with the law enforcement officers resulting in many civilian arrests and several police officers getting hurt in the process.   

Taken by Jonathan Bachman for Reuters, the above photo is being "hailed Monday as one of the most significant news images of recent times, capturing a powerful moment that illustrates America's racial fault lines",  ALastair Jamieson of NBC NEWS reports. The woman in the image is Leshia Evans, a New York nurse who is confronting the heavily armed police officers at the Baton Rouge rally.  This now-iconic image has a striking resemblance, both in its overall look and its historic value, to the iconic Tianaman Square image where a defiant Chinese man is standing right in front of tanks in Tianaman Square in 1989.

The reaction worldwide.


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