An accusation that sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, and sheriff departments across the country are all Jewish because of the shape of their six-pointed star badges would be just about as outlandish as the Clinton campaign's accusation that Donald Trump's tweet, using his well established "crooked Hillary" theme, was anti-Semitic. For decades in America, the six-pointed star has symbolized law and order as provided by law-enforcement officers. Leave it to a panicking, crooked politician like a Clinton to take that symbol of law and order and suggest that it is a smear against the Jewish religion or a subtle reference to an insane WWII dictator.

Accusations, rumors, and empty rhetoric are campaign gimmicks

The Donald Trump campaign has been bold, politically incorrect, irreverent, and at times just plain whiney but it has always followed an America-first theme and because of that, since its inception, the campaign has been depicted as racist and mean-spirited by Liberal Democrats who want to turn America into an open-borders, European-style nation.

The Clinton camp's accusation of anti-Semitism is nothing out of the ordinary considering the source. Career politicians are running scared because they see that Donald Trump is more than just a candidate for the presidency, more than just a powerful force for the renewal of America, he is a threat to the way things are and how they have been done in Washington D.C. for decades.

It's still a long way to November 8th. Expect a lot more accusations, lots more rumors, and much more heated rhetoric out of both campaigns but keep in mind, the there is a 99.99% certainty that the next president of the United States will be either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. The GOP 'machine', as much as it wishes it could, is not stupid or careless enough to try to replace Donald Trump with someone else after he has been the largest Republican vote magnet in any primary campaign in history.

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Nor is the Democrat-controlled executive branch likely to go against President Obama's wishes and allow Clinton to be indicted for her obviously illegal activities related to her e-mail server or her lack of vigilance in protecting America's secrets.

Anti-semitic actions speak louder than accusations

If charges of anti-semitism are to be leveled, the President of the United States should be under scrutiny for his behavior toward America's long-time ally: Israel. It was he who treated the Israeli Prime Minister like an uninvited, undesirable guest when he left him sitting and went off to some other function. Also, Obama has been non-supportive and borderline hostile toward Israel in its long-standing problems with Palestinians and some Arab nations. Finally, through inaction and spinelessness, Obama gave his blessings to a treaty with Iran, a country that has pledged to wipe Israel off the map.