There are times when people just need to be a lot more careful if they can’t take it the way they try to dish it. All is fair in love and war if you’re going to just throw around insults and racist slurs and a whole bunch of other useless nonsense, then when you screw up you’d better be ready for the backlash. Because in this case, wow, this backlash is going to be at it for weeks.

Signs of bad things to come

So, say you’re a really controversial media business tycoon clearly out of his element, creating a commercialization of democracy like it’s some kind of joke only you seem to understand, you might want to prepare for all kinds of backlash that’s been building up and waiting to be unleashed.


But I’m guessing one thing here—you didn’t prepare for backlash because you really assumed everybody in America loves you. I mean, really. What country’s campaign are you actually thinking you are participating in, anyway?

Suddenly you’re angry because you managed to hire a team of severely nearsighted (or I’m guessing totally blind) graphic artists--you made a mistake but can never admit you are wrong.  But here’s the kicker: those guys aren’t blind after all, they’re just pretending to be so that way so they could pass off this sign problem you get to deal with now. See, that’s what you get for thinking everybody in America loves you.

Trump’s symbolically interesting logo

So, I’m guessing you’ve seen Trump’s new logo.

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With all of the reactions I saw on Twitter, I thought I’d try to step away and challenge myself by trying to take out the innuendo everybody sees. The word is, it’s very much giving people a picture of gay male sex. Wow, what a massive Republican identity crisis we have here on hand with this sign problem. I just love the irony. So here it goes.

So looking at it, it’s a clearly failed attempt at a male power symbol with that “T” for just smacking me in the face with how upright and tall It is. (OK, I’m sorry, it’s screaming out like it’s a representation of oversized masculine genitals clearly implying the thing it’s symbolizing is lacking in that area.) Yet I digress. I’m guessing probably the “T” in that position was meant to stand tall and stand out, not stand out like he’s taking it somewhere.


So far, it’s really hard to avoid describing this thing with homo-sexual overtones, so I’ll try again. For my next attempt, I see it’s kind of clear which guy is the bigger, more important one and the other guy is the one who just got lucky—in more ways than one. Okay, let me try that again. Or perhaps one guy is on top and one’s on bottom doing most of the work. Not much better. Clearly, the taller one is the pitcher and the lower one is the catcher. Well, don’t say I didn’t give a non-gay sexual interpretation of this thing a try.

A swing and a miss

What the sign is supposed to imply is some kind of partnership. So I have to say wow, you guys really took a swing and a miss here Republicans as far as the kinds of partnerships you typically back up on your agenda. I mean, didn’t a group of you approve this thing and didn’t you all have a chance to look at this sign? Knowing your constituents, like myself, you really didn’t see this coming? It kind of makes me think this sign thing really shows you that this campaign can’t comprehend and certainly can’t anticipate how Americans think—about anything, really.

And if politicians can’t think like the regular people, that’s a really bad sign (pun intended).