Sell-outs are perhaps some of the most loved people of the age. A lot of well-loved celebrities and sports stars sell their names to advertise products. So, in fact, they are selling out. But we love them anyway. So, why do we make the term sound so insulting? In our capitalistic society, is it really an insult? Thinking about things like that can really make your head spin. Nowadays, one thing is for certain about capitalism and America: for better or for worse, richer or poorer, politics has married social media. And hypocrisy’s all the rage, right now behind calling people sell-outs in the world of politics and social media.

Sell outs: Sanders gets the accusation

As Bernie Sanders took to standing behind Hillary Clinton for president in New Hampshire, Sanders got a bit of social media backlash.


For most politicians, it seems odd and unnatural to go stand behind the other party’s candidate. So why do it? That’s the very action that got Sanders labeled a hypocrite—more on that label later.

The answer: the guy who decided to hit things hard on the social media outrage scale, Donald Trump. Trump took to tweeting his head off about Sanders’ move, calling Sanders, amongst other things, a sell-out. Let’s review that last line: Donald Trump called Bernie Sanders a sell-out. You know, Donald Trump calling anybody a sell-out seems just a tad bit hypocritical, sort of like, I don’t know, endorsing the other party’s candidate. But when have we ever known politics without a bit of hypocrisy?

And to think, I used to really like Twitter.

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Sanders and what makes him a non-sell-out

One thing that makes Sanders seem a bit less hypocritical is the fact that about 85% of his supporters are totally ready to move their support to Clinton. Furthermore, it’s predicted that once the Democratic Convention kicks off, even more of Sanders supporters will move to her, and not Trump. Listening to one’s supporters, and certainly the majority of them, and then backing that candidate makes the seemingly hypocritical act seem far less hypocritical. In fact, it seems like the person calling Sanders the sell-out didn’t do his research, and Sanders did.

How to define Trump

So, moving onto Donald Trump, and calling, well anybody on the planet, a sell-out, cannot really be broken down to negate any type of hypocrisy.


Correct me if I’m wrong here. Isn’t selling out more along the lines of selling your name to be on gameshows and advertisements and taking money for that? Honestly, there is nothing wrong with selling out and in fact, there’s a lot of money and success behind doing just that. In fact, in our capitalistic society, it’s basically exactly how we categorize a person as successful. I wouldn’t mind doing it myself.

Just remember, as you are selling out, don’t go calling other people sell-outs who, when you look at the whole situation, are really just listening to their followers and therefore not really selling out, while you are awfully busy selling out yourself. So, like most of America, I’m off now to get back to selling out myself. Thanks for reading.