Can somebody please explain to me how the most pressing problem in the U.S. could possibly be immigration? Where the heck did immigration as the real pressing problem that needs to be fixed in America come from?  I bet that person did no research or any real thinking before deciding on that. Oh, by the way, that sounds a lot like my favorite Republican, Mr. Trump.

Republicans, here’s a real pressing human problem.

I’ve got a question for Trump. How does immigration somehow become more important than the 1.2 million Americans that live without homes, including their innocent children that probably went to bed without dinner tonight? What makes America more American is solving the real pressing problems for the people that are struggling in order to make the country a better place and create true equality, especially for those kids.


But see, if you talk about this issue, then you can’t say lame racist, insulting things or the first load of bull that comes out of your mouth before you bother to think (because when does this guy ever think before he talks) in order to create publicity and draw attention to yourself. And you have to really fix things, kind of like, I don’t know, if you’re really the president. But hey, somehow he’s selling it.

All the bigotry plus strange mass media influence Trump has, reminds me of that one historical leader who also used to put on a really good show as an especially powerful speaker. That historical guy used to also mix un-education with misinformation in order to justify certain acts against minorities, and eventually genocide.

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Remember that German dictator?

Trump’s effects on the Republican moral compass creates new problems.

Lately, the Republicans are so thrown off course having to pay attention to Trump’s ridiculous agendas most of them have realized their individual political radar is broken. This, in effect, broke a lot of their moral compasses. As such, a few of them have been found wandering around parking lots, muttering Trumpist dialect, and once discovered state they were glad they got lost. Typically, they explain it’s more enjoyable than having to hear more gunk coming out of Trump because it all sounds like the stuff that comes out of a horse’s rear end. Typically, when people try to help them back to their duties, they run off and try to get lost again.


Apparently, the amount of Trumpist dialect and Trump style argumentative strategy that has been imposed on the Republicans by Trump has led to a condition that’s being called Trumping Application Cognitive Disorder. For these over-exposed Republicans, the condition seems to fry your moral compass. And a moral compass once broken is nothing like Jack Sparrow’s broken compass, which could still take you to what you wanted most. All these guys know is they want to run in any direction that does not lead back to Trump.

Unfortunately, the end result is that the typical Republican moral compass, after widespread exposure to the causes of Trumping Application Cognitive Disorder, results in the compass hands breaking and distorting into an interestingly shaped pattern, shown here after removing the pattern from the compass:

No wonder those Republicans keep getting lost, that symbol just points in all different directions, right?

Trump gets associated with another bad sign

But as far as signs and symbols go to show up in one’s moral compass, the Trumping Application Cognitive Disorder’s production of that symbol in a moral compass I’m guessing isn’t a good sign.

After all, Trump and his racism just makes me want to compare him to Hitler. And yet, as I make that comparison, I feel like I’m doing one of these men a real injustice. After all, Hitler had so much more class and professionalism, as well as actually using mass media techniques way ahead of his time.

Wait a second, did I just compare somebody with Hitler and praise Hitler? And the other guy’s the Republican Candidate for president in the United States? Is this for real?