It is easy to be encouraged by promises, especially when one thinks being President and having things done is a matter of speech. The Republican candidate for this year’s US Presidential elections Donald Trump had an easy night appealing to the emotions of his supporters and the glare of cameras. One attendee was even kicked out for letting him know bridges are what are to be built, not walls- a remark even the Pope shared, even denouncing Mr. Trump as ‘… not Christian’.

Here are some of Trump’s statements that appeal to something far away from rational thought:

His slogan, Make America Great Again.

One cannot recount Trump’s rhetoric without mentioning his slogan, one that would obviously fit such super hero characters like Captain America.

Or is Trump claiming to be Captain America? While the slogan appeals to American voters, it does raise questions in other circles- what does he mean by that? What would whistle blowers like Edward Snowden have to say about that? What would the minorities say about that? It seems Trump’s slogan is a mere adaptation of what he likes most- superlatives.

Quantifiers, quantifiers, quantifiers.

Apart from the ‘great’ in his slogan, how many quantifiers did Trump go ahead to use during the night? Let us mention some of them:

  1. Tremendous
  2. Profound
  3. Highest
  4. Disastrous
  5. Total disaster

Trump’s obsession with quantifiers is evident. It might motivate voters, but that is not a ground for winning support. Anyone can put superlatives in a sentence, but not everyone is obsessed with them.

I have… so I can.

Trump, amidst cheers from the crowd gathered at the convention, ignominiously said, ‘I have made billions of dollars in business making deals - now I’m going to make our country rich again’ While both parts of the statement are questionable, the second part is a jump. It is analogous, and has as much internal logic as one who claims, ‘I have killed a dog - now I’m going to kill a tiger’ While it may happen as proclaimed, there is nothing from the first part that assures one of the ability to successfully accomplish what one claims he can.

Americanism, not globalism.

It is true that the United States of America has done much to push the global agenda and promote a globalized village economy, but will secluding itself from the rest of the world serve them or break them? In a world of such complexity, there can be no solid speculation.

I am… law and order.

Yes, that is right. Perhaps it came out wrong, but with more skeptics on the internet wondering whether political radio host Laura Ingraham made a Nazi salute or not, and the praise of a former KKK Grand Wizard- it might have come out just the way he had wanted it to.

Nonetheless, as Mr. Trump wants us to believe:

‘I am your voice…’

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