Despite how much I like to laugh at politicians, I realize a lot of hard work and self-sacrifice goes into what they do. And that fact is substantially more true for those who want to, and become, Presidents.

I absolutely don’t understand why anybody would want to be the President anymore, but there’s plenty of hopefuls still in existence. These people must be either not knowing what they are getting into, or even more insane than a writer making a living making fun of them.

Presidents have to sacrifice

Let me give a few examples of what I mean here by overwork and dedication. Go back and look at Barak Obama’s pictures from 2008, back when he wasn’t grey, had energy, hope, and people still said he was handsome.


Remember that guy? What does he seem like 8 years later? To me, he seems like a guy who is hoping his legacy doesn’t get ruined by the next person, since he does have the legacy, even if the name was made to poke fun at him, of Obamacare. And certainly one thing you have got to respect the guy for—nobody can ever take away from him the fact he was the first African-American president in this country’s history. And that’s huge, something not even I can make fun of.

Although, now, he’s not handsome President 2008 Barak Obama anymore. He looks like he wants to hand over the torch, like, right now. In fact, he kind of looks like he’s the dog some well-meaning forgetful person bought, tied up outside, and then, well, forgot about. When that owner finally remembered him, he wished he would never have bought the dog in the first place.

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George W. Bush and being President

Let’s take a president before him—George W. Bush. Well, what’s his legacy? You know, he’s been out of office for a while, and does anybody even really know? I mean, other than continuing to read a book to children when his nation got attacked, I don’t know. But I do know that factually speaking, he should be younger than his father. However, by the time he left office, and considering he stayed the full 8 unlike his dad, he made his dad look young. And I don’t know about legacy with George W. Bush, I suppose your guess is as good as mine. But he was President—and we saw him change.

My point is, it takes a lot of self-sacrifice and personal dedication for this job of President—so do you think Donald Trump’s got his focus on the people, to self-sacrifice, or on himself? Do you think he’ll redecorate the oval office into who knows what and shout out who’s fired on a daily basis? Or get the real work done?

Can Trump make the sacrifice?

Do you think he’ll be so un self-centered as to ignore the people attacking him—to prioritize the real problems in America? Or do you think the daily agenda will be attacking all who attacked him the day before, therefore, getting nothing done to address the real problems?

He’s got no experience being a politician.


At least Reagan was a governor first and made a better politician than actor. This country needs help and experience to keep it straight. And a celebrity millionaire with nothing better to do than run for office, I guess, as a way to perhaps humiliate and demean what the sacred office of the President is all about, is not going to solve any of the real problems. In fact, he hasn’t addressed one single pressing problem we should really be solving. I feel like I’m watching somebody using some kind of hypnotic strategy that’s not affecting me to grab whoever’s believing him.

To use my favorite Will Ferrell quote, “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.”

But I didn’t stand behind him, nor do I stand behind anybody this time around. I just want you all to consider what Obama looks like now, and then, and W. Bush as well, and tell me if Trump can be that unselfish.