For the first time in United States history, I don’t think there is an American who is very proud to vote because this election campaign looks more like a TV entertainment show. The latest conventions of the two frontrunners for the presidency can offer an ideal representation of what the future winner should do when they cross the threshold of the White House. If you look at the two candidates’ speeches and their presidential campaign, you notice that there are some striking differences and some commonalities

Clinton and Trump - love to hate each other.

On one side there is humility and a long history of politics, on the other hand, there is a collection of insults and recycled rhetoric and on the other, the inexperience of never having been in politics.

Many people recently criticized some unfounded statements. 

Politicians should be believable wand they have to prepare the pattern of all their arguments. sometimes act like a clown and a lot of american people are quite willing to give a clown a chance, especially if the clown is anti-establishment and anti-politician. The risk is to have a President who does not think before speaking because up to 90 percent of what is said could be wrong. The next President of the United States certainly should not ad-lib. A candidate should not ignore daily factual reality. 

The lack of essential skills and virtues to lead America.

We all know that  good presidents should work hard and  self-sacrifice for what they do. A good president  should be capable of solving any of the real problems with a plausible solution.

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A president should give priority to the interests of the Americans and not their own interests. Their political approach to problems cannot be reduced to 140 characters of tweets or a series of insults against all who attacked them the day before. The presidential campaign should be more than a hypnotic strategy to gather supporters. The Obama legacy that will be lefty behind must not be ruined by the next president. Not only because Obama was the first Black President of USA,  but also because the country is in a social and economic depression.

The current performance of Trump and Hillary.

What we have seen so far is certainly not comforting. Neither two most important candidates seem to be very smart. We know Hillary isn’t perfect, when she was Secretary of State made many mistakes, but Trump is ready to fight for Americans. Hilllary has promised to be a president for ‘All Democrats, Republicans and independent’.

Trump's campaign is focused on "fear" and "division," highlighting the recent racial divisions in the country. Trump says that his march to the White House leads to God's plan for America and for the world, and that he can fix everything alone. But beyond the ravings, the problem is not the alternative between the businessman and the professional politician but what one of them will do when he or she becomes President of United States of America #Donald Trump #Hillary Clinton #WeirdWorldNews