In an attempt to demonstrate what Presidents actually do, which can be basically summed up as educated research, President Obama responded to Donald Trump’s statements in Trump’s Republican National Convention acceptance speech.

In another example of Trump deciding to say whatever he feels like without the use of any sort of research because he simply doesn’t think before he speaks, he promoted several scare tactic it’s to make you think the state of the nation is terrible and you shouldn’t walk outside your house or you’ll probably explode via spontaneous combustion. (See, I can say things that have no basis in fact, too).

Obama states the reality of Trumped-up nonsense

Obama stated that the violence in America actually has decreased substantially over the past twenty to thirty years, and the reality of American violence is nowhere near where Trump would like to have you think it is.


Also, Obama took time to address the immigration situation, adding that this problem, too, is far less an issue than it was in previous decades.

Next, Obama took the time to say something I really have to applaud him for. To sum up, he expressed that he refuses to make any sort of decision that stems from fear alone, and cannot be derived from fact. He added that he hopes all Americans are paying attention to the facts.

Obama’s point couldn’t be more clear 

I couldn’t agree more with President Obama—after all, I feel like a broken record, reminding everybody that Trump doesn’t seem to use research or any sort of educated methods to sponsor his claims. Nor does he consistently tell the truth, as proven by his “lack of advertising” claim absolutely contradicting Twitter releasing the fact he spent six figures in one day on Twitter advertisements.

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Basically, Mr. Trump, just because you say something over and over again, doesn’t make it so. Thankfully, not even rich people can turn nonsense into the truth. And also thankfully, rich people cannot pay to make something a fact. They sure can spend a lot of money on Twitter in a day, though. President Obama confirmed that America isn’t going into some apocalypse Trumped-up concept of civil war, firmly based on research and facts.

Be careful who you vote for this year

So, if you want the type of President that actually takes the time to do research about what the country needs, I’m guessing Trump’s not the guy. But if you like people that make things up without a thought process, then he is.


What I don’t understand is that I am equally good at making things up without a thought process and nobody appears to be voting for me this year.

Not to worry, I’m fine—I wouldn’t want that job anyway. I just want the right person to be heading up the country. And I sure as heck like honest people that do their research.