Planned Parenthood has been creating quite a stir, but the organization, well known for its activism of choice and ambitions to help women, just keeps churning up the victories.But isn’t it true in life that when you’re a winner, some loser’s going to try to bring you down?

Planned Parenthood’s court wins

Perhaps it’s all of those court wins across the country that also has put a bit of a spiteful lens on those that don’t follow Planned Parenthood’s advocacy position, or agree with it. However, I want to point out one thing about the group—whether you like them or you don’t, their entire philosophy is really about empowering women and giving women the right to choose.

Are these also things Herbert wants to cut funding to?

Planned Parenthood’s strategy

Much of the Planned Parenthood strategy also focuses on education for women about decisions they may make through consultation with the group. Another example of a program that’s tough to really negatively interpret is their birth control access. They also have, for years, offered the low cost birth control to women who do not have health plans or money to pay out of pocket. Many women who don’t agree with all of their philosophy still turn to them or have been helped by them. The point is, you don’t always have to agree with everything somebody says to like them, right?

Of course, and let me make this clear, it would be somebody like Utah Gov.

Gary Herbert who’d want to try to douse the fire of this increasingly more powerful organization, Planned Parenthood. Here’s my sum up: very Republican, anti-abortion, politically motivated male politician. Now don’t get me wrong, I like some anti-abortion, politically motivated male politicians. I just don’t agree with everything they have to say.

The point about “agreeing”

So simply because one doesn’t want to agree with pro-choice, it’s time to get rid of all that other stuff the group does to help women in the state and cut funding? Well, Herbert doesn’t seem to think the same way I do about liking certain entities. A lot of the women that go to Planned Parenthood for whatever help aren’t pro-choice, either.

It’s not a real smart step to cut funding to a group that helps so many women, it’s almost like punishing women as a group.But I’m guessing Herbert either didn’t decide to really think things through. At all.

The videos and the result

Some now discredited videos were the proof he used to try to imply Planned Parenthood was selling aborted stem cells for scientific research. Last I checked, it really isn’t the aborted stem cells the group has anything to do with, it’s the women that come to Planned Parenthood for help—for a variety of reasons. But heck, maybe I read their last pamphlet wrong.

The end result is that that Planned Parenthood’s been cleared of any wrongdoing, with one grand jury indicting the film makers and not Planned Parenthood.

And there’s a lot of backlash against Herbert from a variety of well-known women.And let me make something clear: A lot of people that like me don’t agree with everything I have to say. And you know what my response is to that? Thanks, it would be really quite a boring world without that. So thank you, Governor Herbert.

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