Is the original 'Final Fantasy' overrated?

Overrated is a strong word perhaps true on many levels, or perhaps false on many others. In this segment we will be going through all the Final Fantasy games, article by article, and breaking down which ones are good and which ones are not. Ultimately the result will be clear if the entire series is overrated.

First, let's look at the era this game was made in. Around the late 80's and very early 90's. Gamers were very used to the Mario genre. Players could move and control their character simply with the push of a button. This was fun and the situation worked for many other games.

Megaman, Castlevania, Faxanadu, you name it!

Then Final Fantasy is released by a company called Square. It supposedly relies heavily upon the story which it does. The problem I have is that why did these developers implement little to practically no in-game control over your characters? The game barely moves, if at all. There is a huge lack of animations and even if there is a huge story, is it that good? The answer is maybe one of strong opinion, but I say no.

Overrated is what I feel:

I feel when I am playing this game that I am literally being dragged into something like a black hole. I feel like my mind is not expanding when playing this game. I feel unabsorbed like a good game makes you feel. Ultimately I almost feel like the game is playing me. Why this game is so appraised today may change as we go down the line of the successors.

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For now, my opinion stands that the first-ever Final Fantasy game is overrated and an honest sad excuse for a game. I have two good points for this. One of which is the amazing music by a genius Nobuo Uematsu. This guy is a genius and that cannot be changed. Number 2 is possibly the story, as I will give others the benefit of the doubt that the story is good. With that being said, it's still only 2 factors that surround an entire game, let alone a massively successful money-making machine franchise that is the Final Fantasy Series. I have enclosed a video below of the gameplay of the original game. Please take a look and prove me wrong in the comments below.

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