The people of the UK voted to exit the European Union rejecting the conservative government of David Cameron rebuffing the repressive austerity forced upon them by European oligarchs. In America the voters, exhausted by GOP imposed austerity and wars for profit voted overwhelmingly for anti-austerity, anti-NATO candidate Donald Trump. Now the oligarchs that control the elections have quashed Democracy overturning the will of the people.

Theresa May, Britain’s new Iron Lady chosen by Rupert Murdoch

The right wing conservatives in the Tory Party kicked aside even the pretense of Democracy and installed Theresa May as prime minister. The vote was supposed to select two candidates with the most support from their fellow lawmakers to run for prime minister. May was installed in a coup described by The Intercept as “a vast, right-wing conspiracy of media barons, led by Rupert Murdoch.

Meet the new prime minister, same as the old prime minister

In May’s first speech as PM she promised to continue the widely-despised conservative policies of David Cameron. According to World Socialist Website “May’s will be a government of class warfare, of savage austerity, attacks on democratic rights” and continued militarism and war. May, a Thatcherite much like the GOP Reaganites in America, ruthlessly defends the interest of the oligarchy class.

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Donald Trump

May has vowed to continue with billions in cuts to Universal Credit that will cost families as much as £3,000 a year, a four-year freeze in benefit rates, and cuts of £30 a week for people found too sick to work. The National Health Service is also on the chopping block for the unelected May. Meanwhile the right wing of the Labour Party is mounting a coup to remove worker rights champion, Jeremy Corbyn as party leader.

Murdoch picks Pence for Trump running mate

Donald Trump who favored the Brexit and wants to end NATO is the presumptive GOP candidate. Thursday Rupert Murdoch’s media empire initiated a media blitz announcing the choice of Indiana Governor Mike Pence as Trump’s running mate. Pence was not only a supporter of the Iraq war but co-sponsored the war authorization resolution. In 2007 Pence, supporting troop escalation in Iraq, visited Baghdad proclaiming the war torn city to be “like a normal outdoor market in Indiana in the summertime.”

Although favored by the Taliban wing of the GOP, Pence is universally despised by Republicans and Democrats.

A rabid homophobe, Pence supports “gay conversion therapy” and signed “religious liberty” into law effectively legalizing discrimination against LGBT citizens. A religious extremist, Pence has signed into law the most draconian anti-abortion bill in the country including banning abortions of fetuses with “lethal fetal anomaly.”

We’ve seen this manipulation before, in 2000 the Democratic Leadership Council forced Al Gore to take Joe Lieberman as his running mate.

Funding for the DLC was provided by Citigroup whose majority stock holder is the Saudi Royal Family as well as General Electric, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Raytheon. Lieberman sabotaged Gore’s campaign and helped install Bush and Cheney.

The oligarchs have profited immensely from the Iraq War and the subsequent wars along with their “allies” Saudi Arabia and Turkey. By installing an unelected anti-Brexit prime minister the oligarchs have maintained control of the levers of power in the U.K. and can control the “Brexit” process, if allowed to take place.

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