Iran and USA have been enemies for a long time.  One can still recollect the trauma and humiliation when the Iranians took the entire embassy staff hostage in Teheran more than 2 decades back.The US under Jimmy Carter just lumped it. Again the Iranians took into custody the crew of 2 boats that strayed into Iranian waters off the coast of the island of Farsi. This is a humiliation and facts coming out show that the US sailors chickened out and worse  displayed an unprofessional approach.

Perfect propaganda opportunity.

The Iranians perfected a propaganda coup with the US sailors shown kneeling on deck with their hands behind their necks.

Reports indicate that many of the sailors gave passwords and other information to the Iranians who kept them on the island for 16 hours.  All credit to the lone woman sailor who despite being made to kneel fired the alert rocket. The sailors cut a sorry figure and the navy has reacted by taking administrative action against the men involved. The navy career of many is finished. This is small consolation for the humiliation of the US Navy. The naval personnel should have obviated capture by the Iranian navy. Pictures of sailors eating food  given by Iranians look sad.


The navy and the US armed forces must be more professional. This means being alert and following procedures . This was not done as the boats on a trip in the Persian Gulf  failed to realize they had entered Iranian territorial waters.

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It's beyond comprehension how the sailors failed to see the looming island of Farsi. The island did appear on the boat's radar, yet sailors ignored it. The Persian Gulf is a live area and tensions abound with a belligerent Iran. The sailors committed a blunder and made the navy a laughing stock before the world.The sailors were released after a flurry of diplomatic activity led by John Kerry. The navy has conceded that the boats entered Iranian waters. This has given propaganda points to the Iranians who continue their ambition to be the main power in Central Asia and the Middle East. #Obama #Foreign Affairs