Overlooked vice-presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich, who was one of three finalists of those who were vetted by the Trump camp, decided that he needed to grab more limelight. And so he started ranting about Muslims, one of the groups singled out as a target for #Donald Trump's bigoted racism, and stated that we need to "test" Muslims who already are here in the United States to see if they believe in Sharia Law (Islamic Law). Gingrich continued, stating that if the Muslims who already are here do believe in Sharia Law, that they should be "deported." Gingrich failed to identify the countries to which he would deport the Muslims, nor how he would get them there, considering that they most likely would have to fly across "No-Fly" zones to get there.

We are at war.

Gingrich used the fact that we are "at #war" with radical Islamist factions as the rationale for his call to deny Muslim-Americans their basic constitutional rights as free Americans. One of those rights is the right to protection from "unreasonable search and seizure" as guaranteed in the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. It is this observer's contention that most likely those representing the deported Muslims could cite the Fourth Amendment in fighting the deportations. A "test," no doubt, could be referred to as a type of "search," especially if it is given to a full-fledged citizen of the United States. And a deportation could be referred to as a type of "seizure," especially of one's citizenship and basic rights as an American. It seems to this observer that Gingrich, with his vast wealth of knowledge as a former House Speaker and academic scholar, should have foreseen this before making his bigoted, irresponsible and erroneous comments.

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Muslim children have nothing to fear.

Gingrich did state that under his proposed deportation plan, that some Muslim Americans would be allowed to stay in the United States. The conditions for remaining in the country if one is a Muslim, under Gingrich's plan, are as follows: They must believe deeply in their own faith. They must be loyal to the United States. They must believe in the Constitution. Then, and only then, would Muslim-American citizens, including children, have "nothing to fear." Earlier in the week, Gingrich had made contrasting comments about black Americans, stating that white Americans don't know what it is like to grow up black in America.

If you're not here already, don't come.

Gingrich also stated that Muslims who are not already here, need not come to the United States. As Gingrich sees it, Muslims who are not already here, "have no right to be here." In making these comments, he forgot the fact that America is a nation of immigrants and that the promise of America always has been the fact that people from all over the world can come here to assimilate into our society.

Newt's speaking fees.

In consideration of the fact that Gingrich is very well-educated, it is this observer's belief that he does know that what he is proposing is unconstitutional. It appears that Gingrich's motives are very sinister and self-serving. As one of only three vetted vice-presidential candidates in this year's tumultuous GOP presidential campaign, he is in a position to be sought after as a speaker by all kinds of groups and affiliations. It is this observer's belief that Gingrich is taking advantage of the remaining limelight from the vetting process by shaking things up. This enables him to call attention to himself and to increase his value as a speaker. And then he can charge more for his speaking engagements, get more bookings and possibly even land a spot on a conservative radio program or high-profile television network..

Man up and go away.

And so, in conclusion, this observer would like to tell Gingrich: Get off it, nobody believes you, and you are not going to profit from your bigotry with increased speaking fees and bookings. Man up; Newt, it's all over. #Crime