Following the Donald Trump presidential sign debacle where the Republican noisemaker unveiled a logo, immediately making Americans first think about gay porn and next about how Trump could have so misunderstood the American thought process, we have yet another example of why Republicans today should bind and gag themselves and go home.

Newt Gingrich gets nothing again

Apparently, Gingrich was also clearly disappointed about Trump’s sign—not because of its strikingly gay depiction of the party’s candidates, but because he wasn’t lucky enough to be the second guy on that sign. Whether it sang homosexual theme music, included a disco ball, and required a trip to Disneyland wouldn’t have deterred Gingrich because at least he’d somehow be relevant again. 

So, having to somehow grab at his fading limelight after failing to be the vice presidential finalist, and instead of doing what most normal people do to impress each other—you know, throw on the charm to brown nose the big guy, Gingrich threw on the racist comments and dumb opinionated assertions to attack one of the groups Trump loves to hate.


This doesn’t seem like normal brown-nosing

This is certainly not what regular American citizens do when trying to stand out or show respect. But we all know, these guys in this party are not regular American citizens. Well, not anymore. It’s like they all really just got a little dumber in reverence to their leader as they try to lay it on thick to Trump and evolve into little Trumpian other-beings. Furthermore, this strange demonstration of respect has all of them speaking some strange Trumpian dialect, recently invented and completely foreign to the rest of us in its style of communication (proof positive the homosexual Republican presidential sign).

In a speech he apparently wrote on a napkin in five minutes during this meeting, Gingrich said we should start doing some kind of test on Muslims in the U.S. to see if they believe in Sharia Law, or Islamic Law. He failed to explain why we needed the test and how they should be deported. Then, he was done.

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The absolute true existence of “No Fly” zones

Considering there are “No-Fly” zones, something Gingrich just forgot about, he seems to have missed something. But I guess you can ignore the obvious here in order to dodge reality once you’ve drank the Trump Kool-aid. Or maybe the napkin just wasn’t big enough for him to include it all because his notes were ketchup-stained. After all, the guy is so unimportant they’ll only let him have one napkin when he eats a meal.

Regarding Arab countries,  deportation for them is completely impossible given no plan to deport them with “No-Fly” zones in-tact can be made. And it’s not like "Fly Zone" existence is something the former House Speaker can acceptably forget.


The Trump argument formula

But heck, when you play it like Trump, you use the Trump argument formula like Gingrich. With this asinine argument strategy, you don’t need things like facts, and figures and common sense, just the capability to spout out the first insulting thing that’s on your mind to make it seem like a problem while making up some bull fake plan to solve it that can’t even possibly ever happen. Basically, it’s like you just said absolutely nothing and wasted everybody’s time, while using words in a worthless way, but you just use showmanship to act like you said something important to fool all the little idiotic people like us that clearly can’t see through it. Because, after all, you’re the smart guy, right?

Well anyway, it’s official: Newt Gingrich is now one of the first Republicans to be polticially lobotomized by Donald Trump.

So to the rest of you regular folk, just keep on laughing it up about that sign. Because holy cow, if we’re next, and we start talking like Gingrich and understanding the Trumpian dialect like the Republicans all of a sudden do, I’m on the first space shuttle off this planet.