Four years after President Barack Obama ridiculed Mitt Romney for suggesting that Russia is a threat to world peace, Vladimir Putin’s Russia has become a threat to world peace. From the Rape of the Crimea to the imperialist adventures in the Ukraine and Syria, Putin has proven quite serious about restoring the glory and horror of the Soviet Empire. The Russian leader is now casting a covetous eye on the Baltic States and Poland, with NATO scrambling to counter him. Unfortunately, neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump seems to be prepared to deal with Putin nor, in the case of Trump, understand what a threat he is.

For all of her bombast as the woman tough enough to deal with Russia, Hillary Clinton is, after all, the architect of the disastrous reset button. Clinton is assuredly compromised, thanks to the hack of her unsecured email server. Russian hackers have also thoroughly penetrated Democratic Party computer files, including those of Clinton’s campaign. The blackmail possibilities are endless.

Trump is an even worse choice where it comes to someone to deal with Putin. Sensing a fellow bombastic tough guy, the Republican candidate has spoken admiringly of the Russian leader.

Trump has also cast doubt that he would honor NATO treaty obligations were Russia to move on Eastern Europe.

Why is Trump soft on Putin? George Will speculates that the reason his tax returns remain a secret is that they might reveal massive business entanglements between the Trump business empire and interests in Russia. Clinton is similarly compromised. Russian business interests are substantial contributors to the Clinton Foundation, considered less of a charitable group as it is a slush fund for the enrichment of the Clinton family.

So, it seems that no matter who wins the election, the next American president is likely to appease Putin’s Russia rather than oppose him. To be sure, because of his volatile nature, Trump might turn on the Russian leader at any time. But one cannot count on it.

Sadly, this is the choice that the American voters have foisted on the world. Where America needs a Churchill or a Reagan, it is getting instead a Jimmy Carter, a Neville Chamberlain, a Barack Obama.

It will likely not end well.

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