Here we go again. In less than 48-hours another black man has been fatally shot by a Police officer. This time the victim was shot during a traffic stop. It has been reported that 32-year-old Philando Castile was shot fatally by a Police officer. At this time the officers race has not been identified.

The story

Castile hadtold the officerthat he had a license to carry a concealed gun when pulled over. As he reached for his license it was reported that that's when the officer opened fire with Castile's girlfriend in the car. Those shots that where fired led to the death of Castile at the hands of the officer.

The aftermath was later posted to Facebook in an interview.

Getting out of hand

It seems that we continue to allow some poorly-trained-officersto receive a badge and a gun. Again, this is inexcusable, I am not saying that all officers are bad. There are good officers "fighting the good fight," but there are also the bad ones too. It seems what you have these days are paid civilians, becoming public servants with guns and are simply scared to death. Questions need to be asked like, is there proper psyche analysis being performed on some of these officers? Should rookie cops be placed with veterans fora full yearafter the academy? What do I mean by that? I am saying place rookie cops with veterans that have strong credibility and a proven track record with the public and diverse communities.

Ialso believepotential candidates should have at least a 2, or 4 year degree in criminal justice/criminology/law and ethicswith a certification in cultural sensitivity. Now, these policies may not end senseless shootings, but possibly slow down the momentum and weed out the bad apples.

No longer can we continue to dismiss these issues.

It is really getting out of hand, we could possibly be seeing a comingRace Warif these issues are not properly addressed. How many more dead bodies by Police will it take for White America to understand Black America? When is Black America going to wake-up and come up with some real solutions to put an end to this?

A people are being hunted once again and slaughtered before our very eyes. Racial privilege is a social construct in this country that was not meant for people of color at the foundational inception of this country. Brown people continue to be marginalized and are losing faith in this systematic institution of "white-supremacy." Again, this is not saying all white people are racists, it is just stating the obvious, of who this country is historically still in favor of.

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