The Trump campaign has yet again run into more controversy, yet this time it wasn’t the Donald, but his wife. Melania Trump, on the first day of the Republican National Convention, gave a speech in order to introduce her husband.

Had we heard her speech before?

Her speech, which resulted in a standing ovation, preached inclusivity, honesty, and hard work. However, there was a problem, one that commentators were quick to pick up on. Melania Trump’s speech sounded oddly familiar to that of Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention before her husband was elected president in 2008.

Some parts of Melania’s speech were identical to that said by Michelle Obama.

Trump speech writers at fault?

While the first reaction and thought would be to accuse her of plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech in 2008, let us first be neutral about the whole thing. If we were to assume that Melania Trump’s speech was not intentionally plagiarized, then serious questions need to be asked of the Trump campaign as to why the similarities were not picked up on. It has been reported that Melania Trump wrote it on her own, but surely a speech writer should have proofread it.

The whole situation could be put down to chance alone that what she wrote was so similar, but any sort of proofreading by the Trump campaign should have picked up on it.

As a result, the blame, from this angle, should rest on the speech writers of the Trump campaign. Melania Trump could be forgiven on the basis of pure inexperience due to the fact she has kept a very low profile during her husband’s bid to run for the presidency.

Themes of honesty and hard work

However, if we were to flip the coin on its head and we do assume that Melania Trump did in fact intentionally plagiarize Michelle Obama'sspeech, she needs to come out and say so.

You cannot deliver a speech with themes of honesty and hard work when your speech is taken for someone else.

In the grand scheme of things, if she was to come out with her hands up and say that she did intentionally plagiarize, it would probably work in Trump’s, or at least, her favor. It would show some integrity to admit to your mistakes and acknowledge what you did was wrong, after all, that would be more than a lot of politicians in office now.

Either way, whether it was intentional plagiarism or not, the two speeches at certain parts are indeed very similar. The Trump campaign will have to accept that and try to mitigate the damage, which coincidently, they managed to do the opposite of. Trump’s campaign did not acknowledge that the two speeches were slightly similar but instead attacked Hillary Clinton for stirring up the story.

A childish finger pointing attitude

I would say that this was a mistake. If I was Trump's manager, I would have just admitted that yes, the two speeches were similar at parts. But to attack Clinton for stirring up the story in fact either shows weakness in the campaign, or a childish finger pointing attitude.

Neither of these the American people appreciate, and is not good form for provoking meaningful debate in who is best to serve the American people.

If anything, this saga, which I am very sure will not be the last of what will be a very interesting presidential race, have been engaging to see unfold. We will see over the coming days what happens in the Republican National Convention and the mood of the party, which of course is deeply divided over Trump.

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