Paul Ryan has threatened #Hillary Clinton with prosecution over emails, but he stood silent in 2007 when Republicans deleted private emails by the millions

Every American, especially women should be concerned about Paul Ryan and Republican obstructionist relentlessly continuing their cruel and unusual attacks against Hillary Clinton, over emails accessed on her private server. These actions are indicative of Republicans' aggressive and ongoing war on women, especially non-Republican women. The fact that Ryan and fellow-Republican's refuse to accept the FBI’s decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton is a definite red flag. Republican's have descended to a new low.

Paul Ryan seems to be obsessed with politically lynching Hillary Clinton for allegedly mishandling emails, something he had no problem with in 2007, or presently if Republican are involved.

Yes, in 2007, the White House was involved in the “mothership" of all email scandals. White House muscle, as well as Paul Ryan, let that ship sail right on by.

The Bush-era case

Hillary’s email saga is minuscule compared to the 2007 Bush era email disparagement. Ryan knows this, because he’s been in politics since 1999, so he was there. He had a voice back then, and a chance to speak out against FBI authorities who failed to prosecute Republican's accused of deleting five million emails.

But, he did not. For more than nine years, it seems Paul Ryan had no problem with Republicans doing exactly what Hillary Clinton is accused of doing with her emails.

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Why do journalists keep talking about Hillary’s emails and not talking to Ryan about his reasons for not pursuing charges against his fellow Republicans who improperly handled emails?

The thing is, Ryan and the media have intentionally refrained from unearthing the 2007 White House email cases, as well as more current instances, because they involve Republicans. The other reason: Hillary Clinton is the only person in the history of modern-day politics Republicans have ever tried to politically and professionally destroy over improperly handling emails. This fact makes Paul Ryan’s reason for attempting to end Hillary’s political career, at any cost, crystal clear, like something the mafia would do.

Media and Paul Ryan disengaged during 2007 White House email scandal 

There is no doubt the media is also instrumental in blacklisting old and current news surrounding Republicans' improper handling of classified or official emails.

It is also interesting that there is no evidence of record suggesting Ryan or any other prominent Republican lawmaker voiced any outrage over the 2007 improperly handled emails.

And by the way, the 2007 White House email scandal was deemed very serious, so much so, that eight U.S. attorneys were fired. Unlike Hillary Clinton, in 2007, not one careless email operative even came close to facing criminal charges. So, that said, why is Paul Ryan so fixated on seeing Hillary Clinton prosecuted? What is so different about what she is alleged to have done with her emails, from what Carl Rove, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Chris Christie, Trey Gowdy, and any of the other numerous email violators did? Why Hillary?

This is what Paul Ryan said about Clinton emails on The Kelly File on Fox News: "What bothers me about this is that the Clintons really are living above the law.”

Of course, non-right-wing viewers expected to hear the interviewer ask Ryan this question: “Why weren’t you bothered by the 2007 White House email scandal, or by present-day politician’s who have done the same thing on private email servers as Hillary Clinton?" But, you know why the question was never asked. The answer would make Paul Ryan’s motives too transparent, and asking relevant probing questions is too much like "keeping it real."  #PaulRyan #ABC