Justices have rights too

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a woman who speaks her mind much like Justice Scalia. I don't remember calls for Scalia to resign when he crossed the unwritten judicial red line.

Justice Ginsburg said what she thought and those statements did not apply to any case concurrent with the court. As long as that holds true, she has done nothing other than state her personal opinion and every American has that right.

Ethics Rules

There are ethics rules that apply to federal justices but those are lower judges, not the Supreme Court. In fact, SCOTUS has no ethics code. There is the Supreme Court Ethics ACT of 2013, i.e.

the Murphy bill that directs the justices to create a code of ethics, but Chief Justice Roberts has not supported the bill stating that to do so would be redundant with the Code of Conduct the lower Federal judges must abide by.  

The Code of Conduct directs lower federal judges

to :

1. Uphold the integrity and independence of the judiciary

2. Avoid impropriety

3. Perform the duties of the office fairly

4. Engage in extrajudicial activities as long as they do not interfere with the obligations of the office

5. Refrain from politics 

Lower federal judges have to abide by the Code of Conduct. SCOTUS does not, because SCOTUS is not restricted by the Code of Conduct as it does not apply to them. So they can agree with the directive, see Justice Robert's opinions, yet it is not applicable to the Supreme Court of the United States.

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There are some ethical issues that one would think would apply to SCOTUS, like impartiality and undue political influence, but nothing is written down nor is there a law to address such issues.

Murphy's bill

On April 23, 2015, Murphy's bill, a directive to SCOTUS to enact a set of ethics, which is a total of 3 pages long, was assigned to a congressional committee. If you log onto the govtrack.us website you will see it has 0 chance of being enacted and a 1% chance of getting past the committee. A bill must be passed by the Senate and the House for it to be signed by the President.  And so, all the uproar and furor over Justice Ginsburg's comments are not prohibited after all and while they may be improper they are certainly not enough to force her to resign.   #News #Government #NeverTrump