jerika bolen wants to die. Now whenever someone says an able-bodied teenager wants to die, usually calls to mental health services become involved. Even if the teen has a mental disturbance, we will typically try and save her, even if our efforts to do so are completely wrongheaded and counterproductive. In this case, Jerika Bolen is physically disabled so society seems to be egging her on.

I'm not here to criticize Jerika Bolen.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not here to try and say Jerika Bolen shouldn't be allowed to do this. Her disability, Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2, puts her in horrific pain. I don't have her disability so I'm not qualified to opine on the issue of the ethics of her dying one way or the other.

Better people in the disability community than I, many of whom have her same disability, are trying to reach out to her and show her there is a better way. I'll leave them to it.

I'm here to criticize the people who seem to have entirely too much enthusiasm for the project. Bolen, wants to go to her prom before she dies. As such, she organized a GoFundMe to get a special prom funded, It made well over its $25,000 goal. Which raises a question: What is up with our culture?

Jerika Bolen gets funded but many others do not.

Browse GoFundMe for about ten seconds and you will see a bunch of requests for people who need wheelchair vans, modifications to their homes, or medical treatments to stay alive. You'll also see that a great many of these go unfunded. In large part due to the same media that seems so interested in her death being uninterested in helping those who want to stay alive.

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Of course there seems to be an indication that popular media want the disabled dead. Why do you think right-wing media in Britain have been pushing the idea that any person on disability assistance is running some kind of scam (an accusation that has led to a sharp spike in hate crimes against the disabled)? Why do you think nobody seems interested in a mass stabbing of disabled people in Japan by a guy who openly said he wants to kill disabled people.

Granted things are getting better for people like Jerika Bolen.

Even so, things are getting incrementally better for the disabled. Thanks to groups like ADAPT, the disabled have more access than ever before. Which is, unfortunately, not saying much but it's a start. However, we have a growing amount of power. It's to the point that both parties acknowledge us now. Hillary Clinton devoted a significant portion of her speech at the DNC to us.

Let me just offer some closing remarks. If you're thinking of dying, whether you're disabled or not you should really seek help and support. Death is a permanent solution to a temporary problem If you're one of the people who donated to Jerika Bolen or is inclined to do so, please consider donating an equal amount to a disabled person who wants to live