Donald Trump is sure to get the Republican nomination for president. Nobody gave him a chance a year back, but he has surprised all by smashing all his opponents and coasting ahead. Donald is a man with strong views and that puts him in a different class to others. His views on Muslims, illegal immigration, and China are both strong, despite the opposition from the old guard of the GOP led by Mitt Romney the juggernaut of Trump has been unstoppable. Donald has now to choose a running mate. There are many in consideration but Tennessee senator Bob Corker made news when he suggested that Trump's best choice for his running mate is his daughter Ivanka.

It's unlikely that Donald will choose his daughter as his running mate, but many feel she is a person fit for the job.

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka is the elder daughter of Trump and is 34-years-old. She will be 35 just 8 days before the election and would be eligible for the post of VP. She is a woman of character and runs a successful business. She is an executive vice presidentof Development and Acquisitions at the Trump organization. Ivanka is a celebrity and has launched her own lifestyle brand like Paris Hilton. She is a former model as well and has followed in the footsteps of her mother Ivana who was a model herself. There are many in America who are enamored with Ivanka and have suggested that she could be a good running mate along with Donald.

Along with Bob Corker who suggested Ivanka as running mate in an interview with MSNBC, her brother Eric Trump expressed his support for his sister as well. These are not the only ones and many on twitter and social media have supported this idea.

The future

Ivanka who is a mother of 3 has been an outspoken supporter of her father.

But though suggestions have come for her to be the running mate, I must regretfully say that its not likely to happen. She is beautiful and has brains as well and her nomination could be a body blow to Hillary, but domestic compuslions and the fact that both will represent the same state, are not factors in her favor.

In addition Donald Trump has stated that his daughter would not be his running mate. This is sad as I feel such a lovely and intelligent lady would have taken the wind out of the sails of Hillary Clinton.

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