Enough is enough.

Over the past four years videos of innocent African Americans being publicly murdered by our justice system has gone viral over the Internet. This ultimately established this Black Lives Matters foundation, that has increased the division between Blacks and other ethnicities. Since the development of the movement, I've seen rebuttals for why the foundation shouldn't exist and should instead be "All lives matter." For example; during the BET Awards Grey's Anatomy actor Jesse Williams mentioned a few controversial topics, one which included the murders of unarmed men by law enforcement.

Audiences of Grey's Anatomy were outraged and petitionedfor him to be fired from the show. Meanwhile, footage surfaced of a Baton Rouge, Louisiana native Alton Sterlingwhowas killed for "resisting arrest" while selling bootleg CD's.

Black Lives Matter.

I would like start by saying that other ethnicities shouldn't get offended by a foundation that doesn't concern them. All lives do matter, however this particular movement is specifically geared towards the lost lives of unarmed innocent people murdered bylaw enforcerswho whowere not convicted or charged with the Crime. I'm sure that there are other ethnicities that encounter the same issues, but how can we acknowledge something that isn't presented to us?

Today, July 7, 2016, President Barack Obama addressed the ongoing injustice and proceed with statics that proves that African Americans are more likely to get arrested and shot by police over any other ethnic group. I recommend that other ethnicities join and embrace the movement because at the end of the day these are innocent people.

Who cares about what skin color or ethnic group they belong to? This could easily be anyone of us who are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Weeks ago the LBGT community experienced tragedy, and everyone acknowledged and mourned the loss of innocent lives. Why can't we do the same for these innocent lives regardless of ethnicity?

Instead of us creating more division we all need to come up with ideas to fight against all injustice in our legal system.

The Proposition.

I propose that we as a people should ignore all monetary value and stop supporting all government businesses, until there is a noticeable change in our government system. This may be effective, because as we all know money runsthe world and people control money, so hitting the government where it hurts would incline them to believe that they are loosing control over the people. If the government can't control the people then eventually the entire system will collapse. Before they let this happen they will have to reach some form of compromise. No longer will the past ways of marching to enforce a change work if the next morning everyone wakes up and goes on with their day as if nothing ever happened.

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