Most people are aware that hundreds are being killed in the name of Islam, yet we have men like President Obama and many more who keep chanting a corroded mantra that  terrorists have no religion  and they back their statement by stating that the men who kill fellow Muslims or bomb the Prophet's holy city are not real Muslims. I will agree that there are many Islamic injunctions against violence.There are verses that give a message of tolerance and brotherhood. Unfortunately, this is one side of the coin and there are many injunctions that state exactly the opposite of this. This is quoted chapter and verse by the #ISIS and their ilk to justify killings of nonbelievers and their opponents.

The apologists

The apologists deliberately disregard the fact that the killers involved also swear  by the Quranic verses and justify their actions as part of an essential duty. The recent Medina bombings are a case in point. Muslims all over the world are busy stating that the bombers had nothing to do with Islam. What a travesty of facts. The bomber probably felt that he was doing the right thing as he felt the men who follow Islam had deviated from the teachings of Allah. How can anyone say that the bombers targeting the crowds in Baghdad or the night club in Orlando and indulging in terror activities were not Muslims? Who were they then?

Interpreting the scriptures

The fact is both the Quran and the Hadiths are full of verses with double meanings and one can interpret them any way.This is the bane of Islam as there has been no Renaissance in the religion and the beliefs of 1,500 years still hold true.

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In such circumstances, it is not enough for moderate Muslims to take cover and say that men who indulge in such desperate acts are not Muslims. They must recognize the danger and take a side against such extremists violence. It is a matter of regret that hardly any Muslim leader of note has condemned the activities of the extremists. Many cover up by just stating that men who indulge in such acts are not Muslims. This is a cloak to cover organizations like the ISIS and Hamas and give an escape route to moderate Muslims. It belies the real problem. One wonders if there are any Moderate Muslims at all.  #Terrorism