The drama ignites again.

Since June, Taylor has been livid over the video "Famous". Sunday night, Taylor Swift saw that #Kim Kardashian recorded the phone call between Kanye and Taylor on Snapchat, it made Taylor beyond mad. She claims that she was not aware that the conversation was being recorded. In the video, you can hear Taylor talking about the songs and agreeing.

What does this mean legally?

The big issue here is that if Kanye did not inform Taylor that the conversation was being recorded then they run into an issue known as the Two Party Consent law, which carries a felony. Wiretapping is another law that was broken by Kim Kardashian.

This is not looking good for Mr. and Mrs. West. In February Swift told a source that he had destroyed all conversations that were recorded or she would press charges. After Kimye talked to their attorneys about what was going on, Kim still went ahead and released it.

Whoever is in the wrong in this situation will be brought before a judge and be punished however the judge sees fit. This is something a lot do not even think about as a criminal act but in California it is. Taylor Swift has made it very clear that she never gave consent to the recording. But according to #Kanye West, he records his whole process and makes sure that everyone he works with is aware of just so. While Taylor is livid over the releasing of the recording, Kimye couldn't care any less. They are ready to counter-sue Taylor if she were to bring on legal actions.

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The couple seems to not feel threatened and just shrugs it off like it is nothing.

Is Swift telling the truth?

Is Taylor Swift playing the good girl act or is she really telling the truth? It appears that the Wests are tired of her games and feel that this could really expose who the real Taylor Swift is. To be honest it sounds like Taylor may be in the right on this one. Who would want to have someone else claim that they made you famous and that you still may have sex with them? How does Kim Kardashian feel about Kanye fantasizing about having intercourse with another woman? I don't know about you, but I wouldn't be too happy.

We will soon find out what will happen with these allegations and who will be in the wrong. What team are you? Team Taylor or Team Kimye? #TaylorSwift