At 1:39 this morning, I went on Twitter and saw that one of the top trending hashtags was #BernieMustDisavow. What surprised me about this, first off, is that there are still people pulling for Bernie Sanders. The same people who pulled for him before on social media, yet never went and voted for him. Okay, yes, some did, but several simply sat on their couches at home, wearing glasses without lenses and flannel shirts with oversized cardigans, watching everyone else go vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. My point is, at the sight of this hashtag my first thought is, "are you guys even going to vote for him if he does disavow?" Then, I remembered something I learned in my AP United States History class.

Yes, it is time for a history lesson.

Election of 1912.

Theodore Roosevelt. He is one of America's most well-known presidents. He was elected twice, and during that time made strides to shut down the business monopoly that forced workers to endure poor conditions that caused disease or serious safety hazards. There were many cases of men, women, and children losing body parts because of the machines that were not up to our modern day safety codes. Wages were low, all jobs were taken, and the owners of these majors businesses controlled the government with their money.

Most likely one of the worst incidents from this time was the Triangle Shirt-Waist Fire that occurred in New York City. Hundreds of female workers were locked in the factory, forced to work long workdays with little to no breaks and oil from the machines covering the floor.

As you can imagine, these are the perfect conditions for tragedy. Anyways, the American people were sick of this, and finally took a stand against the big businesses. They voted for Theodore Roosevelt, the police chief of New York City and a man who was not in the pocket of the business men.

He created nature reserves, national parks, and took out all businesses that treated their workers unethically.

He was the hero America needed, but after two terms, good old Teddy decided not to run again. That is, however, until he saw that President Taft had betrayed the progressive platform. So, Roosevelt ran again as a Republican (Taft was also Republican), and he lost the nomination to Taft. Well, you know what he did?

He disavowed. Yep, he became a member of the Progressive Party (better known as the Bull-Moose Party), and received the nomination from them! So now it was Roosevelt, Taft, and Democratic candidate Woodrow Wilson. Remember, though, the political parties back then are not equal to the parties now. So this seems all well and good. Roosevelt will get those votes now, right? WRONG. The "Republican" voters (anyone tied between Roosevelt and Taft) caused the votes to split. Half of them voted for Taft, half of them voted for Roosevelt. And the majority of America voted for...Woodrow Wilson.

Modern Day.

Now, Woodrow Wilson ended up being a pretty good president. But, you have got to adapt this situation to our current situation.

If Bernie Sanders does disavow, then it is most likely that history will repeat itself. The "Democratic" vote will be split between Sanders and Clinton (if people actually get up and vote for him this time), and the majority of America will vote for...Donald Trump.

Just let that brew in your minds.

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