New report

In a recent report, carefully discussed publicly by the U.S. Navy, they claim to be protecting the privacy of a newly disciplined officer involved in the U.S. Navy boat seizure by Iranian forces over six months ago in the Persian Gulf. But this officer, LT David Nartker, U.S. naval Academy graduate, was identified almost immediately by Department of Defense officials. Why the feigned secrecy now?

Where are the other "sailors?" None of the other nine "sailors" have been identified. Why is the Pentagon keeping so many secrets if all that happened were mistakes by low ranking personnel? Why the secrecy?

Are the "sailors" being sequestered? Have they been put into a witness protection program with changed identities and immunity? Were these "sailors" hand picked to go on a fake mission to be captured in order to provide the Iranians with a PR coup, which also provided a false flag opportunity for Secretary of State John Kerry to look like a pro, getting the "sailors" released after only 16 hours in Iranian custody? Was this all part of the Iranian nuclear deal? The timing, the day before the deal was to take effect, is uncanny, and too plodding to be coincidental.

Another surprise was the prisoner exchange between the United States and Iran in the same time frame as the release of the "sailors." Subterfuge to soften the effect of the exchange?

We may never know the truth

It is impossible to believe that a U.S. Naval Academy graduate steered off course with riverine boats that could have easily stayed within sight of the coastline. It's impossible to believe that they veered off course to rendezvous with a U.S. Coast Guard ship to refuel within miles of an Iranian base in the middle of the Persian Gulf when such riverine boats have a range that is at least fifty miles further than their destination. It's impossible to imagine that they failed to communicate with neighboring U.S. vessels; a Coast Guard ship, a U. S. Navy destroyer or the U.S.S. Harry S.

Top Videos of the Day

Truman, a floating mega ship aircraft carrier just 41 miles away. At that distance, and with available powerful optics, they would be in line of sight of the carrier.

Video of the captured crafts and "sailors" showed them unarmed and without their combat uniform blouses on, which would have identified their rank and names. The video included many shots of weapons, but virtually no ammunition. The only ammo shown in several scenes, was a single 100 round belt of what appears to be .50 caliber rounds but with rusted links. A white wooden box with black stencil lettering reads "ROCKETS," and the year "2012." Inside the box were empty weapons magazines and an empty 9mm pistol. No bullets. No grenades or rockets.

This incident, unprecedented in the history of the United States, is just too far out and convenient to the Obama administration for any of it to be real. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), threatened at one point to subpoena all ten "sailors" and then question them before Congress. McCain was quickly given a private briefing on the case and then zipped his lip.

What was the Senator told? Why did he not comment on all the inconsistencies? Who will ask the hard questions now?