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You have a favorite artist that you can always depend on through their songs when you’re having a bad day. Then you listen to that song and it makes your bad feelings go away. That one artist who has the sweetest smile and a rapturousvoiceis so special.R&B singer Brandy is my favorite artist of all time and her voice can take you on a journey of the world that helps you move on.

Brandy is my go-to person.

Brandy is my go-to person and I can always depend on her music because it gets me through all my battles.

Her voice is so powerful that it keeps me moving with my life. When I was I child, I would dance like I was a grown adult moving my hips while constantly listening to What About Us. Another childhood song, Almost Doesn’t Count, opened my mind and got me thinking about relationships that turned out to be not so good.

Sensational career.

Brandy music is still playing on the radio from albums like Never Say Never, Full Moon, Afrodisiac, and Human. Those albums have made her career sensational and with those debuts, her fans are still listening to her no matter what.

She later came back with the Two Eleven album which released back in October 2012 and then took a break from music. Her final single Wildest Dream, an R&B ballad of finding love again, was a popular hit from the Two Eleven, album.

Her comeback.

News flashed on us when she made a comeback by releasing a new track Beggin’ and Pleadin, on her Soundcloud account on January 5th. 2016. This single has received numerous positive reviews from fans and artists like Rihanna and Jessie J.

This song is about freedom and it declares independence for oneself. She is currently on tour outside the states and is now working on her seventh album. I just hope she can have a tour in the states because I desperately want to see her in concert because it’s on my bucket list.

Phenomenal Woman

This artist has been through it all. Despite unsure relationships, motherhood, and a tragic car accident, she still remains a strong woman and still cherished by us all.

If I was you, I'dgo listen to her music right now.

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