Apparently, there are men and they are available in abundance. However, the husband scarcity phenomenon is becoming a matter of concern to families and especially the female folk many of whom still view the family institution as essential to their existence and happiness in some countries. In many countries where the birth rate and the demographics were studied, it was discovered that 2% gap on the average exists between the two two sexes. 

Criminal behavior.

In the inner cities or very poor countries, at some stage, it is has been discovered, young boys end up in prison, and may end up as drug addicts especially among disenfranchised men in Europe and America.

These could have been someone's husband. 

Engagement in Military and Para-military services.

Perhaps, this is the major reason for husband scarcity as more men engage in military and para-military activities, and are being endangered. They die in Iraq, Afghanistan and other war-ravaged countries. Only a few women engage in combat activities. Men’spolicitcal ambition is another reason for husband scarcity in that men engage in militancy and are constantly enrolled in terror groups across the world. They come face to face with deadly weapons and battle it out with government troops. More men are being wasted. 

Education disparity.

The education of the girl-child has seen more women take up high responsibilities and may not be a perfect match for uneducated men. Low self-esteem and men’s ego also contribute to the scarcity of husbands.

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Since birds of a feathers flock together, it is believed that low self-esteem and men’s ego could lead to them going after less educated women who will have more time for them and family rather than a partner who is the breadwinner.  

The search for ‘Mr. Perfect’

In some cases, women raise the bar for themselves by constructing in their mind the kind of husband they want - e.g. rich, tall, handsome, educated etc, and may deliberately ignore advances by other men who do not measure up. Men drop out from school in their teenage years more often than their female counterparts. 

Low income and unemployment. 

Men who earn low incomes are often afraid to get married and fear that they may not be able to take up the responsibilities of being a bread winner. Migration pattern is also a factor to be considered in understanding why husband scarcity persists. 

Faster physical growth in females.

It is proven that the girl children experience physical growth and puberty faster than their male counterpart.

When a woman is ready and ‘ripe’ for marriage, a man in his early 20s may not be emotionally ready to take up the responsibility of being a husband despite being of the same age. 

Marriage Laws.

The marriage and divorce laws in Europe and America have given women the benefit of being the winner in regards to possessions and financial wealth when the marriage breaks up. Divorce has made a lot of men rethink. Instead of getting married, they have girlfriends and they do not have to commit themselves to marital vows.  

Gay Marriage.

Gay marriage may have aggravated the issue. Some handsome men out there are homosexuals. Although quite a number of women are lesbians, the level of imbalance in the demographic structure would have to be ascertained.  

In conclusion, it is the societies where social expectations dictate the value orientation of the individual that such issues of husband scarcity becomes a psychological problem, depriving many of happiness and leading to depression, low self-esteem, and suicide. #Immigration #EndangeredSpecies