Anybody owning a device, be it a PC or a smartphone is vulnerable to hacking. Almost anything that is virtualized such as wallet accounts, personal information, passwords, bank accounts, could be an easy target and the slightest lack of attentiveness could lead to the leaking of all your information on the black market.

Anyone is a target

Hacking is nothing new, but in the last 10 years, it became more and more of a problem as technology kept evolving and the possibilities of hacking computers has grown as well. Cyber-attacks nowadays are not targeting only bank accounts or governments. There are many possibilities for hackers to steal information which can then be sold for a good price, and the easiest targets for them are individuals.

New technology, new hacking possibilities

As we wish to keep up the pace with the never-ending advancement in technology, we tend to purchase the most high-end devices in order to keep up with the trends. People are getting easily excited about their new laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets and believe that such advanced gadgets are more and more secured with every new release. Such a thing may be true, but as we get our hands on the newest products on the market, the dark side also has access to the same technology. As new technology becomes available to them, new ways of performing cyber-attacks are also developed and the security we all use may not be enough to stop them.

Information is easily leaked

A recently posted article on The Economic Times stated that such threats should not be taken lightly.

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The sales of smartphones are rising and people tend to store their personal information on their devices whenever they access their e-mail inbox, or contact another person through the social network applications. Every time individuals access their applications and use their names and passwords to login, the information is stored in the device and could easily be accessed by a third party spying malware of which we are not aware and which could run as a process in the background, thus being difficult to detect.

Don’t think of it as just paranoia

Many fraudsters are skilled hackers and would use any information they collect to perform theft or even sell it on the black market, be it credit card information or even images recorded from accessing people’s webcams. Software security groups are advising us to invest time and also funds in our cyber security, because once our information is leaked out from our computers, there is no turning back and it could affect us more than we think. #Crime