Hillary Clinton demonstrated something at the DNC that's conjured up a lot of attention. It's that facial expression she makes, which is deemed as that "insane-elation thing" she does with her face. Professor Ann Althouse from the website Althouse, appears to have hit on something that others were also pondering after experiencing that overbearing look of happiness, which many think looks rather bizarre!

Imitating The Scream?

The American Thinker reports how Althouse put Hillary with that forced insane elation-look on her face in a side by side comparison with Munch's painting The Scream. Then a picture of Hillary's face with that facial expression was applied over the face of the entity in The Scream.

'Insane-elation thing'

Yes, it looks more like Hillary's screaming rather than a facial expression depicting elation and joy.

So what's up with Hillary's tendency to break out in this odd grimace that gives her more of a crazed look than that of someone who supposedly has it all together?

Althouse offers up her theory on this. She believes what you are seeing is Hillary, who is making appearance after appearance, demonstrating her need to feel "intensely loved." At the same time "she does not believe that she is loved." The picture that Althouse picked of Hillary has her standing next to Barack Obama at the DNC. The President is a man who is much liked, even when his leadership qualities are in question, people find him a likable guy. Personally, Hillary isn't the most likable person, yet she's had to stand next to many powerhouses who were likable and even adored by the masses, such as her own husband, Bill Clinton.

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Hillary always unlikable one in the crowd

The American Thinker suggests, Hillary's "adult life has been one long lesson in being the unlikable one in a very prominent couple." They also suggest there must be a lot of "resentment" on her part because of this. What makes this even worse is that her husband has a "casual ease" when it comes to being liked, there is nothing he has to do, it comes naturally.

Hillary on the other hand is lacking charisma. One of the only scenes that softened her just a bit at the DNC was when her daughter Chelsea Clinton introduced her. Even Andrea Tantaros, who has been on somewhat of a hiatus from Fox News, commented on social media that Chelsea came the closest to anyone trying to convince the masses that Hillary has a soul. Much of her problem when attempting to get people to overlook the email debacle comes because she's not well liked to begin with. Look at Bill Clinton, who came out of his 1998 impeachment scandal still very well liked. Being as well-liked as Bill gets you the forgiveness from the voters a lot easier than if they see you as having a negative personality.

In Hillary's case today, she has a lot on her plate that doesn't put her in a good light, so if Hillary ever needed to be likable it is right now.

Hillary doesn't have that luxury, so in turn it is surmised she has a "burning desire" to "surpass Bill, to occupy the Oval Office and get revenge for his casual ease at being liked," writes The American Thinker. This is the reason for The Scream-like facial expression that is often seen on the Democrat candidate. She is doing her best to look well-liked, or so suggests the theory. It could be as simple as Hillary actually believes this is what she needs to do to look happy, because deep down she is not?

What did Hillary back into?

She's not a good actress, this was seen in the many incidents she denied over the past year regarding her email server. Plastering that look on her face is apparently how she thinks she should show she's elated, maybe so no one dare burst her bubble? If you really need to describe her look, it's more like she's backed into something very sharp and very hot and it gave her a good poke. Check out the clip below for Hillary's version of The Scream.