Hillary Clinton stood up before an audience in Springfield, Illinois and imagined what Donald Trump would do to his enemies if he had the IRS or even the military at his beck and call. Taken in context, the accusation was shameless in a manner that rarely happens in American politics. Possibly Clinton and her battalion of spinmeisters fixers, and speech writers are unaware of how the Obama administration loosed the IRS on the tea party, using the tax agency to harass the president’s political opponents.

How exactly Trump would use the military to go after his enemies is unclear. Perhaps Clinton believes that he would drone a reporter who wrote something unkind about him.

Clinton also accused Trump of “banishing” reporters who displeased him. On the other hand, no one can remember when Clinton held an actual press conference.

Clinton has a lot of resources at her beck and call and is rich in campaign cash. She has been running attack ads against Trump in various battleground states while her opponent is still relying on free media.

But what she seems to lack is political street smarts. Clinton does not appear to be able to hire anyone who can advise her not to accuse someone of doing what President Obama (or people on his behalf) has already done. Next thing you know, she will accuse Trump of attacking women and then have his wife go after them with private detectives.

Hillary Clinton must be feeling a hint of desperation, considering that the net result of all of those attacks ads have been that her lead has started to shrink, with Trump pulling ahead or even in a number of swing states. The feeling is the same thing that other Trump enemies, from Jeb Bush to Ted Cruz, must have experienced when nothing they could do stopped the mercurial real estate tycoon from prevailing.

The bottom line is that the playbook that was used to beat Mitt Romney and John McCain is not working against Trump. Hillary Clinton, who is said to have anger management issues, cannot be pleased with the situation she finds herself in.

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