So, just so we’re clear, even if I’m a female writer who seems to poke fun at Trump quite often, this really in no way implies I’m a Clinton supporter. If you’re wondering why Trump appears so often in my articles, the fact is, he just makes things a little too easy sometimes. Okay, so he makes things so insanely obvious I can’t help but take a smack at it.

Clinton’s persona may pave the way for women

Honestly, though, I’m not a huge Hillary fan, and there is one huge reason for this. You see, to me, Hillary encapsulates a very masculine power hungry type of female persona, that is not at all feminine. I’m uneasy with somebody trying to become the first female president setting the stage for the rest of women to have to act that same way.

Basically, Hillary is just acting like a guy to me. But you know, she’s the kind of guy the Republicans won’t freak out about if she shows up to give a speech wearing a skirt.

Women simply want equal opportunity

Women don’t want to have to be like men in this world any more than men want to be like women. After all, as a woman, I can say that most of us woman are pretty much clueless when it comes to men. In fact, we don’t even think we speak the same language as you men half the time. We certainly lack the equipment and I think men don’t really mind us that way. So you see, for most women, it is awfully hard to not only act like men, but to even comprehend them. (I’m guessing men feel the same way about us women, too).

What women actually want is not to behave like men, but to have the same opportunities as men in this country.

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And unfortunately, with the gender wage gap still prevalent and the fact so few women are even present in politics, things are still a little askew for women in the country that makes its slogan for fame based on equality.

I’d really love to see a woman as President, but I want her to act like a female, and that’s where Mrs. Clinton falls short with me. Women should not have to act like men to get a shot at opportunity. After all, us women like ourselves as women, and last I checked, men pretty much like women that way, too. #News #Democrats vs Republicans #WeirdWorldNews