Hillary Clinton, having achieved her lifelong dream of being nominated as a candidate for president of the United States by the Democratic Party, delivered an acceptance speech that sounded like your mother yelling at you for something you didn’t do. The address consisted of a series of clichés, applauds lines, and catch phrases strung together at random, with a little bit of biography and the usual laundry list of far left promises, which to the ordinary ear sounded like threats. The audience reaction was mixed, with Sanders partisans yelling invective and her supporters trying to drown them out.

Bill Clinton, Hillary’s husband, and a former president, naturally slept through the whole thing. He has been yelled at by her before and knows what to do.

Some in the audience, especially in the media, were enraptured by the spectacle of the first woman to be nominated for president by a major American political party. Most people groaned at the idea that the woman had to be her. Why could it not have been someone who could make a soaring, inspirational speech? Britain had Maggie Thatcher. Israel had Golda Meir.

The United States may have Hillary Clinton.

Clinton only came to life when she was excoriating Donald Trump, to be sure a target rich environment where it comes to invective. It is telling that her only sense of authenticity came to life when she was yelling at some annoying man. You get the impression that yelling at men is one of the few pleasures that Hillary Clinton gets out of life.

Ms. Clinton was introduced by her daughter, Chelsea, whose speaking style was at least not as annoying at that of her mom but fell far short of the sweet, southern tones of her dad.

A documentary film also played in the hall, narrated by the great Morgan Freeman, best known for starring in the greatest prison movie of all time, “Shawshank Redemption.” The star of the show strode out, dressed in white, to the strains of “Out Fight Song.” It would have been better if she had worn black and used the Imperial March from “The Empire Strikes Back.” At least that would have elicited some awe and fear instead of boredom and annoyance, what a waste.

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