#Hillary Clinton will be named the Democratic Party nominee for the office of President of the United States of America, she will accept the nomination on Thursday, July 28, 2016.

Clinton will be the first woman to be nominated for the office of President. The mainstream media in the United States will sing her praises along with liberals and progressives. The stage will be set for a showdown in American politics like the world has never seen.

All out mud slinging junkyard brawl coming soon

Republican Presidential nominee #Donald Trump and Clinton will undoubtedly take politics to new depths. The days of old fashioned mud-slinging politics will seem to be child-like fodder on the playground of an elementary school, compared to the junkyard brawl coming in the next few months.

The country and the world will watch in head shaking amazement.

This should not be taking place. Clinton has long been surrounded by controversy and rumors of unproven corruption but none like the most recent DNC emails released by WikiLeaks.

The emails themselves rock the very foundation of the democratic process. The elites have lost control of the populace, and more importantly their trust in an already slanted system.

Trump and Sanders started movements

What started with Donald Trump and Senator #Bernie Sanders and their movements to oust the establishments of both political parties has come to attrition.

Trump succeeded against all odds, while only corruption prevented Sanders from doing the same. Come November Trump will finish off what millions of Americans started in both parties.

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He will defeat Clinton and become President ousting the establishment from our nation top office.

The sad truth is that Clinton in all her arrogance will never be able to admit her defeat was fair and square because those terms are foreign to her.

The right thing for Clinton to do would be to step aside and let Sanders be the nominee. Her time has simply passed, a scam artist can only pull the same scam so many times before people catch on.

Did Sanders sell out?

I would ask any supporter of Sanders how can you with good conscience vote for Clinton. Every rally, every dollar, everything that Sanders and his supporters created was swept to the side with reckless disregard, you mattered not. Sanders himself has now meekly stepped into the shadows and endorsed Clinton casting away everything his supporters fought so hard to obtain.

Perhaps Sanders just got tired, perhaps he realized he could not do what Trump accomplished. Possibly like so many others Sanders just got bought off like DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Shultz when she resigned and immediately took a job with the Clinton campaign

If what she did was so bad that she needed to resign from that post, why else would Clinton hire her but to keep her quiet about what she really knows.

To many questions unanswered?

There are simply too many questions about Clinton’s leadership skills, her honesty, and possibly her patriotism. Any true patriot in her position would resign and let Sanders be the nominee from the Democratic Party. Then again was this the plan from the beginning?

Then again was this the plan from the beginning?