The announcement is no misconduct

James Comey announced this morning that based on the evidence discovered he does not feel that what #Hillary Clinton did with thousands of e-mails reaches criminal intent or misconduct. That this is the type of case a prosecutor would not bring because Clinton's intent while reckless, does not reach willful misconduct. Comey said he will not recommend bringing charges against Hillary Clinton yet his displeasure at what she'd done was evident, at least to me, when he walked away from the podium without taking questions. It is quite possible that Comey did what he thought was best for the country.

There are people serving time for far less than what Hillary Clinton did.

General Petraeus, a war hero who shared e-mails with a woman who had security clearance, was charged with a felony and misconduct but pleaded down to a misdemeanor. Today, as Obama campaigns with Clinton we are asked to believe that Obama did not know that Clinton would not be charged and that Loretta Lynch did not  relay that information to Bill Clinton when they met last week. The coincidences are many and we are asked to view Comey's edict without raised eyebrows. However, it must be noted that the tone taken by Comey was damning at best.

Document Dumps show no misconduct

It is interesting to note that the document dumps related to the e-mail scandal always happened on Friday afternoons (except for Christmas Eve), that Hillary Clinton was deposed on the Saturday within the 4th of July 3 day holiday, and that the announcement came one day after a 3 day holiday thereby assuring most Americans would be at work, and that 3 days after her deposition she was found not to have criminal intent a process that generally takes months.

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We've also learned today that there are citizens of the United States  and super citizens of the United States of which Hillary Clinton is one. Be assured that if you or I had done anything close to what Clinton did with her e-mails and her servers we would face misconduct charges and jail time. Clinton will, however, be tried in the court of public opinion. In addition, this is one of two investigations. The other is an investigation into the Clinton Foundation which has yet to be resolved.

Extreme carelessness is no sign of misconduct

Much of the language used by Comey will be used against Clinton. Items such as reckless, extreme carelessness, and negligence I am sure will be tweeted by Trump and others throughout the coming days. Yet, Comey stated that while they did uncover evidence of misuse and that Clinton was negligent of the federal statutes at best, it did not rise to the level of criminal intent. He described the e-mail issue as a jigsaw puzzle that had lost its frame and the pieced dumped on the floor. 

Clinton claims ignorance of the proper treatment of e-mails, her lawyers were unable to do a proper search of her e-mails because they did not know how and it is now too late to do anything about it, and that as a matter of judgement and with no evidence of disloyalty Clinton did delete her e-mails and many are unrecoverable. And there we are.

Negligence is not negligence, ignorance is an excuse, and poor judgement is acceptable in a presidential nominee. Like Benghazi, the e-mail scandal will go on until people tire of it and at the end of it all, no one will really care. #Donald Trump #Government