#Hillary Clinton denies that she was "extremely careless" with classified information that she passed along in her emails, despite the FBI director testifying that she was. While the nation heard FBI director James Comey say the word "careless" affiliated with Hillary Clinton's name, apparently she did not, or if she did she is refusing to accept this.

Hillary denies 'careless' findings

Sitting for a round of interviews on Friday, the very indignant acting Hillary told CBS News' Scott Pelley that she was in "opposition" of Comey's findings saying that she did not think the people at the State Department were careless sending her the emails that contained classified material.

She did a good job subtly deflecting the blame of the emails coming through her private email server on the State Department staff.

It may have slipped her mind that this was the email address that she herself provided for the State Department staff, so they probably weren't careless. But getting back to the point, it was Hillary deemed "careless" for this email debacle. It was apparent from her response during this interview that she wasn't going to hear that way.

Speaking in her ignorant audience mode?

Hillary often throws things out there as if her audience was made up of ignorant people or of people who are so blinded by her presence that they will take what she is saying as the gospel truth. She appeared to hone in on that tactic during this interview.

Hillary makes painless extraction

When Scott Pelly from CBS News interviewed Hillary, he asked her specifically about the fact that Comey said that "she and the people she emailed with" were "extremely careless." Hillary immediately answered that question as if the word "she" wasn't mentioned, just "the people" she emailed with.

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The former Secretary of State has an uncanny way of extracting herself from the equation when it puts her in a bad light.

State Department staff scapegoats?

She told CNN News, "They [State Department staff], I believe, did not believe they were sending any material that was classified." She also told CBS when interviewing with Pelly, "I do not think they were careless. I have a very high regard for the professionals in the State Department, so I believe that they knew what they were doing, and I had no reason to question or second guess their expert opinions." There you go, a painless and perfect extraction, no mention of "I" or "me" in those answers. She stroked them with praise before throwing them under the bus, she's good.

She didn't appear to understand the magnitude of what Comey had said during that interview. He made it clear that anyone in Hillary's position should have known that the emails were classified. She offered up her argument that the classified emails were not clearly marked.

Just what 'is' classified information?

But as Comey conveyed during his testimony in front of Congress, the content of the email messages would have been enough to alert someone with the position she held as Secretary of State that the information was classified. She was granted this classified security clearance and it is only normal to assume someone with that level of access knows enough about it to be able to deem a document classified or not. This is basically what the FBI director suggested during the questioning in Washington this week. 

No you see me and now you don't

Hillary turned around that classified email question when speaking during a few interviews, and although she defended the State Department staff, she didn't include herself with the people who were "careless." She's good at this, it was like a magic act unfolding as she extracted any trace of herself from the blame. Unless Hillary really misunderstood the scope of the outcome of the FBI Director's testimony, she must think her audience is once again ignorant enough to believe this. #Democratic Party