In spite of the deep racial divide in the United States, the GOP nevertheless has been caught displaying "White Elevator" signs at its Cleveland, Ohio Convention center. As of yet, it is not known who hung the racist signs or how they were hung with the vast amounts of people mulling around the convention center.

David Duke aligned with Trump.

Former KKK (Klu Klux Klan) leader David Duke has aligned himself closely with Trump and his campaign, and endorsed him. Trump later rejected the endorsement, but not until he also was accused of being a racist for having Duke in his camp. Whether or not Duke had something to do with the hanging of the racist signs remains to be determined.

Jim Crow explained.

Jim Crow laws were racist laws that were put into effect in 1888, shortly after the end of the Civil War in 1865. The laws called for segregating blacks from whites in all public buildings, at drinking fountains, at public restrooms, parks and in the administration of public services. In all of these types of buildings, the facilities for blacks were patently inferior to those for whites. The Jim Crow laws were in effect until 1965. The Jim Crow laws were nullified by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and by the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

The not so hospitable South.

Despite its claims that it provides "southern hospitality," the American South is not always so hospitable. Besides, one could accurately state that the South has had its issues with racism, bigotry and intolerance of non-whites, Jews, Catholics, gays and any all demographics of people who are not white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant for well over 150 years.

Top Videos of the Day

This problem of racial intolerance and bigotry played itself out recently in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where an unarmed black citizen, Alton Sterling, 37, was shot and killed in cold blood by police. This killing perpetrated a revenge killing of three police officers by a disturbed man from Kansas City, Missouri.

Racism, ignorance or a sinister joke?

The question emerges as to what the motivation of the person(s) who erected these racist "White Elevator" signs was. Was the person(s) motivated by racism, bigotry or hatred, or were they simply ignorant about the hatred that these kinds of signs represent?

Trump and George Wallace.

This whole matter involving the elevator signs is reminiscent of the days that Alabama Governor George Wallace, a lifelong Democrat, was running for President as an Independent. Wallace believed that blacks should be segregated from whites at all public facilities. He even blocked the entry of a black man and woman to the University of Alabama while President John Kennedy was in office.

Wallace did not give up until Kennedy sent the National Guard to the university to let the students into the university by force.

Donald Trump's presidential candidacy has been racist from its inception. He has called Mexican immigrants to the United States, "rapists, criminals and murderers." He has called for the deportation of Mexican immigrants, and for the recusal of Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the Hispanic judge who is deciding his Trump University lawsuit. He has called for "holding off" on allowing Muslim immigrants into the United States until, as he put it, "We know what is going on."

Trump takes the cake as the most racist presidential candidate of either party since George Wallace ran in 1968 and 1972. This latest and most unsettling notoriety for Trump probably will come back to haunt him in the general election in November.

The Party of Lincoln:

In his Gettysburg Address, Lincoln stated that what was done at Gettysburg would be remembered much longer than what was said there. Despite what will be said at the GOP Convention, what will be remembered is what they do there. Erecting "White Elevator" signs speaks louder than any speech, will long be remembered, and will tarnish the Republican Party as one of racism, bigotry and hatred for many generations. It's not the Party of Lincoln anymore.