I just don’t get why the reviews of the viewers are so negative aboutTyrion Lannister. Surprised? You might want to point out the fact that he had stabbed Shaein season 4 of 'Game of Thrones' and so he is a very cruel person. Look at it this way. Killing her was an act of self-defense and she was about to kill him. Let’s be honest, Shae was the one who was dishonest and did deserve what happened.

Well, there are so many reasons why Tyrion Lannister is actually an exemplary person – and lots of us need to learn things from him, due the very well-known fact that he is a genius. And not just an ordinary genius, he is that kind of person who has the knowledge and he knows how to use it practically.

We should not judge him by his looks. I get it, he is a dwarf, but still, that little person has more intelligence than many of us.

Let us look around a bit. Do we ever see someone who does that? I know it is not just fair to compare a fictional character to a real person, but still, Tyrion has so many qualities in him that if we even try to adopt some from him we can be geniuses too.

Tyrion's way

Just look into the episodes and you will find the clue about what I am trying to say. He always acts right. Think of the scene when he was about to get killed by a knife, his hands were all tied but then he talks the person out of cutting his throat because he knows how the human mind works. He closely observes the human nature; that a person endlessly talks about what they want, so before indulging in any kind of discussion he asks the most simple yet a very bright question that is, “What is that you want?” and voilá!

He gets the answer to his question.

Another thing that makes him very different from others is that he listens. No, it is not a very easy thing to do as we all like to talk about our feelings rather than to listen to others. Tyrion uses this strategy as he is very well aware of the fact that there is almost no one who does not want to talk about himself and so Tyrion always knows the right thing to do.

Lannister or Snow?

When we compare Tyrion to Jon Snow we might know that Jon Snow seems to be relatively more selfish than Tyrion, because he looks at things from his own perspective,and on the other hand Tyrion does not do that. He asks people about their stories, about all they have been through and so he knows that he is not the only one who has been through hard times.

So we can conclude by saying that Tyrion is undoubtedly a genius.

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