Filming date pushed back.

Season six just finished and it seams like an eternity until the next season. Game of Thrones season 7 has been pushed back due to "winter is here" from the season 6 finale. The sunny weather does not suit purpose for the show any longer, so they are moving production to Iceland in January to start filming. They are not quite sure when they will air the first episode of season 7 but will keep viewers posted.

What could happen in season 7.

Well we do know that there are about 13 episodes left, so season 7 is one of the last seasons of the beloved Game of Thrones. I know this is some very saddening news for fans. But like they say all good things come to an end. This also means that this coming season is going to be insane.

Six major characters are joining the cast in Iceland. Five of the six are Bran, Jon, Sansa, The Knight's King, and LittleFinger..oh winter is coming, and are the Westeros ready?They are children of the summer so we shall see what a tough winter will do, and we know the creepy white walkers will come with the winter.

So Jon better be ready to defend. Since Cersei has murdered a ton of people and is most hated by the Westeros, will she end up dead? We all know that if you sit upon the throne, you end up having a target upon yourself.

The characters we don't know.

We may also get to know some characters we really don't know as Sam travels. Such characters could include, Alleras, Leo Tyrell, Marwyn, and Pate.  So much could happen with season 7, will Randyll offer up his son Rickon? Will Arya be reunited with Nymeria? Since the Nymerias are the leader of hundreds of wolves, this could help Arya with her kill list.

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Could Jon marry Sansa?

Quaithe of the Shadow may come back since she knows a few things that could help Dany. Could Jon marry Sansa? They are barely cousins so it could happen and it may be a smart idea since they could rule together. But a better but gross pair would be Dany and Jon. Yes they are very much related but it could really be the perfect match since she has a huge army and he has his force.

But could they get along?

Will Euron and Cersei join each other against all? Maybe the Starks will kill Jaimie before he kills a person he loves. Will that person be Cersei or perhaps his brother? Could the wall fall? It would be epic if it did, just saying.

Who will gain the throne?

There is so much that could happen in season 7 of Game of Thrones. Of course we have to wait it out to find out what predictions are true and what ones are far off.

Who will gain the throne?

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