Most people are understandably outraged at FBI Director James Comey’s decision not to recommend a criminal indictment of Hillary Clinton. However, Roget Simon at PJ Media suggests that the development is the worst possible news for Democrats and their hopes of retaining the White House.

The theory goes like this: Comey spent a long time describing how Clinton should go to federal prison for carelessly mishandling national security secrets and exposing them to foreign intelligence agencies. He also set out how she lied about the email server affair, refuting each and every one of her lies.

Only when he appended “However” and then reveal that the Bureau would not recommend a prosecution that millions of Americans, excited at the prospect of Hillary being perp walked, became deflated. In any case, Comey will have ample opportunity to expand on Clinton’s perfidy before Congress in the next days and weeks.

Simon invites his readers to imagine the “however” being replaced by “therefore.” A recommendation to indict would create a satisfying firestorm, especially as it would have overshadowed the rally in North Carolina in which President Barack Obama gave Clinton a public wet kiss before a delirious crowd of liberals

However, when the dust settled, the Democrats would be forced to find a less damaged candidate to run for president, say Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden may be a walking gaffe machine, but next to Donald Trump, he exudes a grandfatherly air of reassurance. Certainly, Biden would not have raised eyebrows by praising Saddam Hussein’s gusto at killing terrorists (and, incidentally, a whole lot of other people.)

So, the theory goes on, those who want the Democrats expunged from the White House have gotten the best of all possible outcomes. Instead of striking at the queen and killing her, Comey has crippled her.

The trick now will be Trump and his surrogates using Comey’s effective conviction of Hillary Clinton as someone who should never be gifted with any office of trust, not to speak of that of the president of the United States. Hillary and her acolytes will concentrate on the recommendation not to indict as proof that she has been vindicated. Trump’s job is to drive home the argument that she should be in jail anyway.

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