Welcome to the world of baby 'mamas' and baby 'dadas', the world where the social bond that keeps us together is being shattered by individualism. Welcome to the world where the youths are delusional about getting married. Marriage to them is a burden rather than a tool for togetherness and sharing. Welcome to a world producing men who are arrogant, uncaring, boastful and abusive; the same world is churning out women without the capacity to quench the fire. It’s the world where the values of patience,humility, endurance, love and respect have been replaced by lethal pomposity and nauseating arrogance. The world without fathers, fathers whose entire time is spent in the deep waters of work; where the late-night story is replaced by Telemundo.

Mothers are fading out the scene.

Mothers are fading away. I see a society, although I’m not a prophet of doom, where men and women will challenge the status quo that bestiality (sexual relationship with animals) will be debated to be legalized or not. People will get married to goats and don’t be surprised if you have an Officiating Minister and the Holy Solemnization between humans and inanimate objects. That was how lesbianism was once a taboo remember? The deviance of yesterday becomes tomorrow’s norms.

I peruse through my Sociological lens at the world where robots will take the roles of babysitters, where science will confuse humanity and displace social bonds. Children will ask (they are already asking), where is my Father? And the response shall be “I got you from a sperm bank - technology fathered you because as homosexuals, nature has cheated us”.

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When celebrities become role models, the contagious factor emerges so that when they fall, they drag others down with them: Where the success or failure of a model or celebrity is consciously or unconsciously mutated into the lives of their followers, fans and wider society.

The third eye principle.

In a world, where relationships are spontaneous, we choose to engage with someone without having a background knowledge about the individual (I call this the third eye principle), we are blinded by the smiling smooth surface until we step in and then discover that it’s a deep canal. It’s a world of random selection of sexual partners rather than a commitment to love "till death do us part." The world where men cannot bear the burden of carrying a pregnancy yet compel women to share in their manly responsibilities, eventually leading to the straining of the female folk, more stress,more burden, more displeasure leading to dissatisfaction.

Women are always on the receiving end, they cannot find peace, freedom and independence.

Ultimately, divorce is the only alternative to run away from troubles. Divorce is becoming the order of the day. Already, lawyers are advertising on billboards to prospective divorcees to undo the ‘I do’. The family institution has given us men and women who have added value to our world or profaned it. Let us all protect this great institution or we welcome a new one - individualism.