How does a person that make a fortune within the establishment then come out to create the image of being anti-establishment?That’s like saying your ice cream addiction made you fat, but it wasn’t your attraction to ice cream that made you put on an extra twenty pounds.

Or it’s quite possibly like saying James Cameron made one good movie and simply kept trying to repeat the same strategy with every film he made after it, while consistently failing. Yet James Cameron’s singular strategy to bomb all his terrible blockbusters made him the best director on the planet.

Basically it makes no sense. And please, to whoever is out there that keeps giving Cameron the green light, just stop it already.


Trump made his fortune in the establishment

In comparison to Cameron, one thing I will acknowledge Trump for is being a great businessman. As far as selling, I’m pretty sure he could sell rolling blackouts for top dollar to Californians, making them think they got what they needed at a steal. Because, Californians, you love your blackouts, don’t you? The man could probably sell you the Black Death and you would not only buy it, you wouldn’t see the consequences coming.

But making your fortune in business means you are basically engrained in the establishment, say, much like J.P. Morgan or Andrew Carnegie. And given the very cut throat nature of American business, it also means you must have some mix of narcissism and sociopathy, or you couldn’t peddle crap to intelligent people and still sleep at night on your mattress stuffed with others’ hard earned cash.

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It’s not necessarily intelligence that makes a businessman a success. There are a lot of other characteristics that come together—just ask the Once-ler.

Inventors versus businessmen

The only rich folk that don’t always fit the establishment ideal are the inventors. They just had one really great idea that took off—typically they aren’t cut-throat business people like Trump. And many of them you can credit for creating something you now have to use every day and quite possibly loathe. (Thanks, Noah Glass, before this election nonsense, I used to like Twitter). Some of these inventors become businessmen, others do not.

In contrast, those that never invented and make money by the millions in the business world are basically the representation of the establishment.


And to be savvy in business, you have to be a tad heartless. To follow up, after making quasi-billions ruthlessly playing the establishment, then to promote yourself as the anti-establishment candidate seems slightly hypocritical.

Salesmen sell at any cost

Not surprisingly, this self-proclaimed anti-establishment candidate, who is actually nothing but a product of the establishment, pitches a lot of salesman stuff to the public. For instance, insisting he doesn’t pay for campaign advertisements but dumping over six figures into one Twitter ad campaign for one day. Did I mention salesmen sometimes lie to sell things? I suppose that includes selling themselves.

Salesmen also hope you don’t do your research, because they like to say things without thinking so you act without thinking, and buy their useless junk without using common sense. Some salesmen are also apparently too narcissistic or lazy to do their own research, and think that what they say will, in fact, become the truth, even though their assertions are totally implausible.

It’s quite possible some salesmen think they are so important whatever the heck they feel like saying will just become factual. And some salesmen keep repeating that singular strategy. Thankfully, the world doesn’t work that way.

I mean, even James Cameron learned that a singular strategy to approaching film and Americans eventually doesn’t work. Or at least, I really hope he did. The jury’s still out on that.