Election 2016

There is simply no way to avoid it, whether you watch the news religiously, casually, or not at all, and whether you use social media with equal fervor and vigor or hardly at all, you are aware of the choice facing the United States of America in this upcoming Presidential election. Unless you've been living under a rock (which, ironically, doesn't sound like a bad place to be considering the current climate), you know what awaits the American people in this upcoming election while the rest of the world watches.

Donald Trump

For the most part, nobody gave #Donald Trump a real chance of potentially ascending to the highest office when he initially announced his candidacy.

A successful real estate mogul though he may be, Trump has no experience in politics, and, interestingly enough, that has worked in his favor. He is supposedly the anti-politician politician. The everyman and champion of the people that does what he says and says what he means -- except that the more he has said throughout his campaign, the more controversial it has become, which has only proved him to be more racist, bigoted, and controversial than the average American ever thought he was (because he was such a charismatic guy on 'The Apprentice').

Hillary Clinton

Aside from the "first woman" angle, is there legitimately any other reason that anyone out there is actually considering voting for her in 2016? Between everything that has happened with those e-mails, and now, the latest leak from WikiLeaks, there doesn't seem to be much else going for Hillary except a sinking ship anchored down by lies and a general dislike on behalf of the American, voting public.

Say she becomes the first ever female president, you can write that down in the history books, throw parades, and do whatever else to commemorate the occasion should she win the election, but, once that euphoria dies down and you actually take a look at her policies and her track record, what then? Are feel-good feelings enough to sustain a presidency? Enough to run a country? And, if they are, then what does that say about how truly far the mighty have fallen?

Is the lesser of two evils any less evil?

Choosing between Trump and Clinton is like having a loved one in surgery, only to have the operating doctor tell you that the surgery was successful...but the patient died, and having the surgery was not by choice, but mandatory. You might say that that sort of comparison is drastic, and maybe even a bit overdramatic, but, if you don't think lives are hanging in the balance of this decision, you haven't been paying close enough attention.

This is the equivalent of the pot calling the kettle black whilst both are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Social media is chock-full of the fallout from this divide, from complete strangers, friends, and relatives alike. Worse yet is the fact that these "discussions" are hardly discussions at all. Rather, they have devolved into some diabolical game of spouting rhetoric, furthering your chosen narrative, and throwing in a few statistics to make your argument appear more clever and righteous than the other person, meanwhile, there is little to no actual discourse to be had.

Essentially, the American people are forced to choose between a liar that, with the help of her cohorts, rigged the DNC against Bernie Sanders, and a loose cannon that says and does whatever he sees fit with no regard for the consequences of those words or actions. There are the usual retorts like: "not voting for Clinton is a vote for Trump," and while that may be true to an extent, it's a grim state of affairs when these are the only options for the American people. The obscure among your Facebook friends will post the occasional meme about voting for Gary Johnson, but those friends are by no means the majority.

This election season is looking a lot more like 'The Purge' film franchise, except that we cannot purge either of these two options from the ballot come time to vote. #Election 2016 #Hillary Clinton