Einstein is one person from history everybody respects. To put it bluntly, I am a huge fan of some of the most infamous self-proclaimed crazy geniuses. In fact, they’ve given us some of the most fantastic (and unfortunately some of the deadliest) inventions in human history. Albert Einstein’s famous quote, “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” has been one of my favorite quotes since childhood.

But whoever bought that auction-described “pungent” old jacket of his sure has a lot more imagination than knowledge. I guess all of those pictures of Einstein with the crazy, unkempt hairdo should have tipped us off to something—high intelligence does not necessarily equal high personal hygiene.


Einstein’s auctioned jacket

Whether it still reeks of him nearly eighty years after he started being photographed in it and long after his death, some highly imaginative person, in competition with some other imaginative people, won it at auction for $144k. Einstein’s Levi-Strauss leather jacket can be seen in many pictures of him in the 1930s. Considering the age of the jacket and the habits of the owner, Christie’s Auction House announced that it was in decent shape, just aged more in the faded, smelly sense. Like, say, in the sense of wow, this guy smoked so much from his pipe we can still smell it in his jacket almost 100 years later.

Einstein, the crazy genius

Honestly, that interesting fact about Einstein’s jacket is, at some levels, almost as interesting as Einstein himself.

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In fact, it kind of makes you wonder what he’d think of all of this. I’m guessing he’d think the entire auction and the guy who bought his jacket is more off his rocker than Einstein himself was.

Really, I mean “off his rocker” insane here in the best possible crazy genius sense. Because it’s the crazy genius that can see something wonderful in the world that sounds “out there” to the rest of us but then he or she can actually make it come true, like Einstein did. So, there’s just something special about this jacket I guess the buyer of the jacket sees that neither myself or the rest of us are seeing, right?

What the jacket meant to Einstein

Einstein himself saw the jacket as a thing that would help him reduce his material needs and, in a sense, free him from the problem of materialism.


So to Einstein, he kept wearing this thing that was, in a sense, made of stronger material so he wouldn’t have to buy another jacket. So it was a money-saving item symbolizing something he hated—materialism.

Oh, the irony for poor Einstein. His smelly jacket that still reeks, purchased by him as a money-saving symbol because he knew it would last, and so he wore it all the time, probably wishes he had been buried in it now. That item that was meant to free Einstein of materialism became capitalism’s latest auction prize, selling for the price of a house (or two) depending on which state you live in.

Alright, I’m guessing not even the crazy genius Einstein gets what the buyer sees in his smelly, old jacket. So that buyer’s got some commendable imagination. Or, he’s just got one of the country’s most expensive reasons to invest in some major air fresheners.