The Duggars got a new gig at TLC called "Counting On" but Josh Duggar, the child molester oldest child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar won't be in it. Nor will the incestuous adulterer be in any planned TLC series featuring his sisters Jessa andJill Duggar (two of the girls he molested). The new "19 Kids and Counting" spinoffs will follow the Duggars and their large brood -- sans porn addict Josh Duggar, the wife he cheated on, Anna Duggar, and his four (going on five) children. And that is just about the neatest coup of avoidance with exploitation that TLC could pull.

Here's why.

Duggars 'Counting On' a farce

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggarmade a living selling their fundamentalist right-wing Protestant Christian agenda in "19 Kids and Counting." They told people how to live the Bible by following their example and judged harshly those that didn't. (The Bible warns against doing all of those things).They tried to pogrom LGBT folks out of their community. They quoted scripture at people and bound burdens for them to carry (also warned against). But turns out they didn't carry said burdens nor practiced a good deal of what they preached.

The Duggars lost their lucrative ($40,000 per episode) show because it came out that one of their 19 kids was a cheating, porn addicted, incestuous child molester. The Duggar family harbored this pedophile and covered for him. He broke most of the commandments and a fair share of gospel injunctions -- lying, cheating, stealing, adultery -- and so did his parents, adding hypocrisy to that list. And how does TLC (The Learning Channel, ironically) punish them?

They give 'em a new show "Counting On" thereby exploiting morality and yes, even the Duggars, for ratings. But TLCand the Duggar familyconveniently sidestep all that by promising that Josh Duggar won't be on the show. Oh, well that's alright then. That fixes everything.

Duggars, TLC exploit Jill and Jessa Duggar

With all the Duggars put Jill Duggar Dillard and Jessa Duggar Seewald through -- the lies, covering, hypocrisy and shame -- a TV series is not the best idea.

The TLC show on child sex abuse featuring them, that's different. That's was a step toward healing the hurt inflicted by brother Josh Duggar and parents Jim Bob and Michelle for letting him. This new series promises to feature Jessa's pregnancy and Jill's move. Maybe it will be a tabula rosa for them. But the trouble is, many people are just going to remember them as the violated sisters. One way or the other, it's still TLC and the Duggars capitalizing. Shame on fans for obsessing on this family. Time viewers turned the TV off and got lives of their own.Even if this hadn't happened, the Duggar parents have a tendency to style themselves demi-gods.

And the Bible speaks very clearly against that.And if healing is what the Duggars say they need, it would be best found in some long-term anonymity. But it seems this attention-craving family can't get enough of the spotlight. Makes you wonder who this serves, God or them? Maybe everyone should do the Duggar family and themselves a favor and move along.

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