#Donald Trump is front and center on a daily basis when it comes to the press, often to his own determent. Reporters seem to have unlimited access to Trump and his team, asking just about any question they choose. More often than not they get an answer that makes headlines. #Hillary Clinton on the other hand has not had a press conference in 235 days. That is almost 8 months. How can anyone who really wants answers to the hard questions not question why? Isn’t that what reporters like Walter Cronkite or Bob Woodward did in days gone by? Former President Richard Nixon could testify to that.

Clinton never answers

In reality the answer is probably very clear.

If no questions are taken, no answers have to be given. After her email investigation one would think Clinton would be more open to the press, but then again that would create the need answers to be given.

The press is hard on Trump without debate. He makes it easy for them by the things he says. The words that come out of his mouth are the same words you can hear at bowling alleys, work break rooms, and backyard barbecues all over the country. They are the things everyday American voters who work hard to make ends meet are saying to each other. This very possibly is the drawing power of Trump becoming President come January 2017.

Clinton gets a free-pass

In my opinion Hillary Clinton receives a free pass from reporters. Why have none asked her about the email scandal concerning the DNC sabotaging Senator Bernie Sander’s campaign? Why have they not asked her if Debbie Wasserman Schultz was so bad she had to resign as Chairman of the DNC, why did she hire her to work on her campaign within hours? The only answer to that question, the press by design has not had the opportunity.

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The press continually reminds us that Trump has not released his tax returns. The Clinton Foundation however seems to be off limits despite rumors of widespread corruption. When you step back and take a look at how the press engages both candidates, no other conclusion can be made. The majority of the mainstream media is biased toward Clinton, but they do love Donald Trump along with the opportunities he presents daily.